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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
Hello to all the Guests currently browsing. I challenge you all to pop by and say Hello. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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 Read First- Soul Society Read Before Joining

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PostSubject: Read First- Soul Society Read Before Joining   Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:00 pm

In this thread will be the information that you need to know before joining and playing in this role play.. because of this thread, there will be no excuse to do something that is retarded. Please consider this thread to be your Soul Society Bible. Cherish it. Love it. You can sleep with it if you're lonely enough. All I really require is that you -read- it and you -know- it.


The most important thing in your life.. The first link consits of rules specific to the Soul Society rp. This is required, especially since the rules are updated often, and with each update my patience lowers.


Soul Society Registration

When registering there are a few things you need to know. Number one, you are a Shinigami. I'm not saying this for my health, you are going to role play as a Shinigami in a Division, You will not be a Quincy, you will not be a Superhuman, you will not be a hollow, you will be a Shinigami.

This is not required but highly suggested: BE ORIGINAL! you do not need to copy some character of an anime as your character. Assuming you do, at least don't be some identical carbon copy. vary the character's demeanor or appearance.

Arc Ideas:

New Arc Ideas

As difficult as I'm sure it is to comprehend, this thread is meant for ideas for arcs. The RPG Disucssion thread is not meant for such a thing. I promise that I am not lying to you about this. If you have an idea for an arc involving your actual registration, then I suggest you PM a GM before every registering. The GMs are listed below.

General Soul Society Information:

This thread could be your best friend. It has a lot of important information inside of it. Furthermore, it can give you a general idea of the present caste system in the role play.

RPG Discussion Thread:

This is the "lounge" of Soul Society, but that does not mean you may spam in it. If you have a question about something occurring in the RP, or perhaps even a question with the rules or something of that sort, you ask in this thread. It is important that you keep in mind that you must stay on topic. Do not talk about your day. No one cares about your day. No one. Least of all me, and I will delete your post if you talk about your day, and I may warn you if your day was especially boring and I was forced to waste time reading about it.

If you -must- spam, and sometimes I know that spam is just necessary, I ask that you delete your own post within 24 hours. I tend to be pretty lax with Soul Society because members know to delete their own trash, and otherwise manage to follow the rules. Do not go out of your way to ruin that for this RP.

In Character Thread Information:

If you have not all ready figured it out, the pinned topics are all OOC - out of character. You do not role play in these threads. The ones you role play in are the ones that are not pinned, which are IC - in character.

Sometimes it is necessary to speak OOC in and IC thread, such as when a question pertains to a recent post, or something of that sort. In such a situation, type your OOC in brackets. For example:

[Why is Hara dancing?]
(Why is Hara dancing?)
((Why is Hara dancing?))
[[Why is Hara dancing?]]
|Why is Hara dancing?|

And so on. You need something to designate your out of character from your in character. Keeping that in mind, when posting in character, write in "story" form. What does that mean? It means write your chunks of action without quotation and your dialogue in quotation. For example:

Hara hopped onto a table, quite inebriated, and began to dance.

"My Zanpakutou is named after me, but I don't know why," he sang merrily.
Understand? If not, PM myself or a GM, or better yet never enter the Role Playing section again because you are dense.

Non-Soul Society Threads:

There are presently only two threads in the Soul Society RP that are not based within Soul Society: Human World, and Hueco Mundo.

Human World:

This thread is Earth. It is the human world, it is not hard to understand. However, keep in mind that you are not a human, you are a soul, so don't expect to be here too often. This thread is generally only used for missions and arcs. Also, please keep in mind the "realities" of Bleach in regards to it. Humans cannot see souls, aside from Superhumans and Quincies. I do not suggest meeting these types of individuals without permission from a GM.

Hueco Mundo:

You will likely never post in here. Ever. This is the world of the Hollows, and to date it has been used for missions and then for a bit of character development that extended off of them. There is a reason this thread has very few posts in it. Ignore it unless it updates, as anything having to do with it may turn out to be rather important in the long run.

Soul Society Threads:

Most are not worth noting, but I will make a note for all of them so you know when you should be posting in them.

Central 46

If your character is, for some reason, at the Central 46 building, then you will post in this thread.

Training Grounds

You want to train, but you're not sure where to go to actually post it all? and you don't want to clog it all up with a skirmish with another character? Do it here.

Rukongai: The Peasantry of Soul Society

Rukongai is that area outside of the Court of Pure Souls where normal souls live. It is not necessarily uncommon for a Shinigami to visit this area, but don't expect there to be a bunch of powerful enemies or allies here. This area is comprised of normal, peasant souls, not Shinigami.

The Edge of Soul Society

This is beyond Rukongai. Some times Shinigami train in this area, it is extremely large and varied in its terrain, the further you go in, the more dangerous it becomes and harder it is to get back in one peice.
It is not uncommon to meet strong foes here, be them souls or hollows.


Within the Court of Pure Souls are many things, including Divisions and Central 46. However, outside of these buildings is Seireiti. There are bars and such in this area, so Shingami may go have a drink or a bite to eat with one another. If you have seen the show, Ichigo and Zaraki's original fight takes place in Seireiti, so keep in mind that Seireiti is primarily just a lot of white alleys and buildings.
1st Division

2nd Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

3rd Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

4th Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

5th Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

6th Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

7th Division

If you are interacting or part of this division, you may post here

8th Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

9th Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

10th Divsion

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

11th Divison

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

12th Divison

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

13th Division

If you are interacting or part of this Division, you may post here.

At the present, those are the only four divisions. There is a chance that more will be added in the future, but for now.. take what you get.

Game Masters:

The present GMs of the Soul Society RP are Shane, Volg, and Vigilante

However, please also keep in mind the word of veteran players, just about any player in this RP can offer you some sort of information in regards to what is going on at the time, and also can be very helpful in answering any questions that you may have. The private messaging feature is a significant asset, so do not be afraid to use it!


If you have any questions about any of this, or anything else having to do with the Soul Society RP Contact me.

Please keep everything said in this in mind. It is imperative that you know what is required of you, but don't be afraid to join because this seems like a lot of information. Don't god mode, post in the right areas, and be respectful! That's really all there is to it, I promise.

Original by Yachi, edits made by Shane and Volg.
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Read First- Soul Society Read Before Joining
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