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 Power Level Explanations

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PostSubject: Power Level Explanations   Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:55 pm

P O W E R         L E V E L         E X P L A N A T I O NS

Hey guys, here is our power level chart to help you all understand what the difficulty levels are for each level of power available in the game. Take note, this is the average level of difficulty that each type of student will receive. Variations in difficulty from character to character can happen depending on what battle decisions you make, but this is the overall idea.

Elite Academy Students (Main Characters)

After shinigami hopefuls have tapped into their reiatsu and begun training, there is often an acceleration of physical prowess for those that have the instinct to succeed and rise above the rest. Those who have this instinct can already show signs of a shinigami and can bravely establish a reputation for being already able to lord over the strongest common plus souls, humans, and academy comrades. In the most dangerous of times, legend marks some students being able to survive war and low-level hollows if their reiatsu and courage is strong enough. Banding together, a group of high-level students can actually kill a regular hollow with kidou and asauchis with extreme difficulty, a feat which no doubt could motivate them into a glorious future.

Unseated Shinigami

These are the foot soldiers of Bleach. To make up for the usual gap in strength and power hollows have on them they usually hunt hollows in groups. Fighting another shinigami at this level or a Gillian one-on-one is usually a high difficulty feat that sets apart higher level warriors from the rest.

Sixth Seat

This is a stepping stone that, with more improvement, will quickly lead into the higher ranks of power. This often goes hand in hand with the 6th seat officer's position due to the capabilities of these shinigami that allow them to stick out among the rest and boost morale. These shinigami usually have at least a double digit track record of killing hollows or apprehending dangerous criminals and is at a solidly superhuman level able to defeat regular hollows handily in one-on-one combat with medium difficulty. Giant hollows and a wave of regular hollows are high level difficulty opponents for these Shinigami, but once their skills mature to the point of being able to survive battles against these tougher opponents their souls begin to truly resonate with their Asauchi which leads them into the world of Zanpakuto and advanced levels of combat.[/spoiler]

Fifth Seat

This level of Reiatsu and fighting skill is the beginning of what is considered elite in the Shinigami fighting forces. Two spirits, the Shinigami and Asauchi, begin to form a bond and mature into formidable warriors. When a Shinigami begins to have vivid dreams meeting abstract beings or hear voices it is time to learn Jinzen (instruction provided by other seated officers or the captain). After a period of training and getting to know the Zanpaktou spirit, 5th seats will most likely be able to unlock their Zanpaktou's shikai state. This ability, as well as flash step, which can also be learned at this level, levels the playing field against hollows comprised of thousands of souls such as Menos and Giant Hollows. With moderate difficulty, a Giant Hollow or Special Class Hollows (regular hollows with their own special ability) can be beaten by a Shinigami of this level. With moderate difficulty, caution, and a lot of hacking and slashing a Menos Grande could be conquered as well (It's best to bring friends).[/spoiler]

Fourth Seat

Shinigami of this level are much more mature in their abilities than those beneath them. A fourth seat has a much more expansive reiryoku and reiatsu than a 5th seat, able to handle multiple threats of hardened hollows without being overwhelmed (Giant Hollows, low –level hollows, Menos). At this level, the gap of power, strength, and speed of hollows is lessened to the point where being aware of surroundings and making quality decisions on the battlefield can strike fear and confusion into hollows. At moderate difficulty, a 4th seat could protect a town from a swarm of regular hollows, a group of Giant Hollows, or several Menos without gassing out. At this level, the Zanpaktous of the Shinigami become stronger, with some being able to unlock a second ability or simply get a much more substantial increase in power that allows them to dice through hollow masks and armor like regular flesh.[/spoiler]

Third Seat

The third seat has always been an officer’s seat of controversy due to the fact that some may be weak and barely discernible from the rest of the officers while others show great strength. A third seat Shinigami is expected to be strong enough to fill in for a vice captain if they are absent or out of commission. To those below them, they are masters of the art of combat and being a Shinigami. Their movements are more instinctual and, by this time, develop their own styles of fighting or, in the specialty divisions, begin to truly understand and incorporate advanced techniques taught to them by their superiors. Their Reiatsu and Zanpaktous reach a level of power that can be felt for miles around, just below the threshold of Reiatsu that must be limited before entering the Human World. 3rd seats can usually easily handle regular hollows, Giant Hollows, and Menos indefinitely and can command a battle zone with such opponents. Their reiatsu and endurance are so great that they can even survive a Cero attack from a Menos and still remain intact and able to fight (even though the damage will still be severe). The difference between a 3rd seat and vice captain is a subtle but monstrous power gap. With high difficulty 3rd seats can take on Adjuchas hollows, smaller more compact hollows capable of Sonido and intense physical attacks. When it comes to Arrancar, however, a third seat’s life is on the line. The strength, speed, and reflexes of an Arrancar far outclass Shinigami that are at this level. To survive or win a fight against a low-level Arrancar is, quite frankly, life changing for any 3rd seat unfortunate enough to run into one.[/spoiler]


These warriors are handpicked from the ranks to become adjutants for captains. These shinigami have reached the highest level of fighting before bankai can be achieved. They are also often those that are most eligible for bankai as their shikais at this level can be completely evolved. The shikai can have up to three stages or one powerful stage with a guaranteed lethal effect against hollows below fully arrancarized adjuchas. However, with a vice-captain’s realization of their Shikai’s potential, they hit a power gap that is impossible to breach without the second release, Bankai. Captains and fully arrancarized adjuchas reach a level of power that can overwhelm armies of opponents below this power gap, similar to how those without shikai are helpless fighting those with them. Because of this, vice-captains and fully Arrancarized Gillian can assist their fighting superiors in battles and on the battlefield but will find it impossible to defeat an opponent with that higher level of power 1 on 1 if at all.


Captain-level Shinigami command the fear and respect of all those around them. They are the last line of defense against the greatest threats against Soul Society. After a period of several months to a year of training with their materialized zanpaktou spirit, the shinigami achieves the next evolved state of their zanpaktou. These powers are expansive and usually dangerous to friend and foe around them, so extreme restrictions and laws have been put in place mandated by the 1st Division and Central 46 to lessen collateral damage. They will often not promote those with bankais to a captain seat until they have undergone a testing period and proven to be reliable fighters and leaders. Despite the fact that captain-level shinigami attain the greatest level of power for shinigami possible, these powers take at least 10 years to be fully mastered, and can be continually improved for many years beyond. With high difficulty captain levels can defeat Adjuchas Arrancar or natural Vasto Lordes. [/spoiler]

Veteran Captain

This is basically a Shinigami with a fully mastered Bankai. The power gap is truly defined those who have this level of power and those who do not. Generally, the Shinigami gains a greater understanding of how their Bankai works and can thus focus their attacks with much greater efficiency than before. Another attribute of Bankais at this level is that their attacks and abilities can not be easily warded off by opponents of the same level without due reason. Thus, battles are usually fought with great respect and are much shorter as both opponents are playing a lethal game that could quickly end their lives with a simple miscalculation or mistake. With high difficulty, captain levels can defeat Adjuchas that have been turned into Arrancar and can ward off attacks from Vasto Lordes and stronger captains despite being unable to defeat them in one-on-one combat.[/spoiler]

Senior Captain

These shinigami have completely mastered their Bankai and it has evolved into a second stage with a more defined and powerful ability that transcends what it was before. Second stage bankais are usually complemented by abilities that far surpass what most normal captains are capable of. Second stage is either summoned by another bankai name or need the first stage to be activated before being put into use. At this level of power, all bets are off and there are no power gaps that prevent seniors from dealing damage to those even stronger than them. Senior captains can handle adjuchas arrancar with mid-difficulty. The equivalent of a senior captain in power is a Vasto Lorde Arrancar, rare opponents that still can be dealt with by a senior captain Shikai. Shikai and bankai for senior captains are usually both effective against any level of hollow; the difference is in the scope and time it takes to finish the job. Unfortunately for senior captain levels a segunda etapa is a possible transformation that some of the strongest hollows can achieve. Unlike bankai, these transformations don’t run out of energy and often possess physical abilities that surpass what is achievable by the toughest shinigami. Against a Segunda Etapa, even Shinigami with second stage Bankai are fighting a downhill battle.[/spoiler]


Out of the senior captains, there are some who have been along long enough to fully achieve mastery over a particular element of being a Shinigami (I.e. Unohana Yachiru and zanjutsu). This is one of the few power chart ranks that aren’t completely connected to zanpaktous and reiatsu, although shinigami at this level do have a different feel in reiatsu compared to other seniors and can be even feared by their peers due to their usual vast superiority in skills. In this category, it is possible to master a third level of Bankai or increase the potency of the Bankai to such an extent that life force can be sacrificed for an excess amount of power. The rivals of Grandmasters are generally stubborn high-level Vasto Lordes that have mastered resurrections with honed abilities, or have reached a deeper understanding of their Segunda Etapas. Grandmasters often help out as morale boosters for captains, having abilities great enough to see through the highest level of attacks and direct the other senior captains in the fight against the greatest threats of Soul Society.


Shinigami of this level are the stuff of legends. These are Shinigami that have pushed themselves even further beyond what is thought capable of Bankais, often at such strength that regular captains are fodder in comparison to their strength. For this reason, Shinigami of this level are usually placed at the highest ranking of the Soul Society, promoted to the Royal Guard, or required to have special seals placed on them because of their overwhelming spiritual pressure which could affect the spiritual dimension that they fight in similar to effect that vice-captains and captains can do to the human world at full power. Shinigami of this level have Bankais so strong that areas are often cleared of all unnecessary fighters to simply honor the level of power that is being unleashed. There can be up to four stages of Bankai that can be simultaneously used in battle. Captain Commanders and the royal guard are the few Shinigami in the thousands of years of Soul Society’s existence that can stand up to and defeat Vasto Lordes with Segunda tapa before they become too powerful. [/spoiler]

Royal Guard/Archon

Amazingly, there is a yet higher level of power that shinigami can be reached. Shinigami can theoretically become completely one with their Zanpaktous, allowing new abilities to be discovered. Their Zanpaktous can evolve so much that they can use extremely high level abilities without even releasing into shikai, with their unreleased form often taking another shape. The Zanpaktou’s powers become their own, and, as long as the Shinigami exists in some way the power cannot be suppressed permanently. The Shikai and Bankai reach such a scope of power that they resonate with the world and become forces of nature, often altering the reality of entire dimensions after release. For this reason, Shinigami of this level are mandated to live in the soul palace of the royal dimension to avoid any permanent damage being done to the Soul Society below. That said, not all shinigami at this level may agree to this proposition, and at the very least have to be watched closely. Their opponents are usually just as terrifying as they are, exhibiting traits that are often considered too dangerous to keep in the cycle of reincarnation such as immortality, reality manipulation, and far worse. Because of this, the Royal Guard often as one cohesive unit that are for the most part equal in rank instead of a hierarchy, as team effort is often required to take down demonic entities that threaten the fabric of the universe.[/spoiler]
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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Power Level Explanations   Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:57 pm

So, I'm sure you're all wondering how fast it takes to get stronger. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it isn't as fast as you may have in mind. Keeping true to the usual power progression of pure shinigamis in the Bleach manga, the steps to become a true powerhouse in Bleach for a shinigami are incremental, difficult, and require a lot of hard work.

Seated Officers

In each division, the captains will have moderator rights and keep track of their officers' progress throughout the course of the game. Every two months, they will message the administrators letting them know who they want promoted and why. Both captains and administrators will check the progress, make an evaluation, and promote officers if their character meets these conditions.

Condition 1: Training

You must have some kind of consistent training regimen in the course of your posting. Even though your characters are the main characters of the story there must be some kind of believable reasoning for why they are getting stronger outside of, "My character is a prodigy! Time to kill all of the n00bs."  Also, the progress must be believable in accordance with the power level chart explanations. You need to show some kind of effort or struggle with learning techniques that take time to learn. If you overstep what the technique can do and what your character's body and hand-eye coordination is capable of that will count against you.

Note: If you have connected with your zanpaktou spirit, we will also be checking in on whether or not you have a bond with the sword. This is key to advancing in strength as well. At the very least, keep up relations with the spirit from time to time for good measure.

Condition 2: Missions

The whole point of becoming a shinigami is to protect the balance of the universe and the two realms they preside over, Soul Society and the World of the Living. Your contribution to this cause will be taken into consideration for various reasons. We want you to be contributing to the actual story and also zanpaktou thirst for battle and battle experience. It would reinforce your characters progression by proving their mettle in battle.

Condition 3: Major Arcs

  For larger storylines, we would like to see your character be at the very least aware of what is going on in the world. Stop and chat with superiors or peers to understand the going-on's of the RP's politics/antagonists/factions. If there is a major sortie, campaign, or direct orders from the 1st, we expect your character to have a sense of priority and, if they disobey orders or ignore what is going on around them, have an understanding of the consequences of their actions in game for the sake of coherency. Don't worry about missing out on training or missions requirement if you are stuck in a lengthy campaign. The captains will speak on your behalf and an accommodation will be made. Speaking of consequences this leads to the next point.

Condition 4: RP'ing manners

The rules are clearly stated in the Rules and General Information section of the forum and, as such, will count against you if there are too many issues. Please play fairly, politely, and not too selfishly (you, not necessarily your character) so we can have a sense of your character realistically interacting with the world. Please try to also notify others of your absence if you need an extended time of leave and make sure you have someone who can finish a storyline you may have started and have given them enough detail to continue it in your stead.

Now, all of these conditions must be fulfilled to progress, but, if you don't finish the requirements in time, you will be given an indefinite extension to fulfill these requirements before moving on to the next two month period. If you get through this and find yourself stuck out of synch with the rest of the progression, you can still catch up IF you are pro-active and really put forth good effort. This is all of course negotiable and, regardless of not getting back the time lost from an extension, you can work your way back into the 2 month progression period incrementally depending on how much effort the administrators deem worthy.

Finally, don't beat yourself up about not making a rank up in exactly two months. Given the factors of real life and recovery time of injuries (which is another topic which will be discussed later on), you probably won't rank up perfectly every time. It's always best to relax and properly develop your character if it comes to that. We're all human here and we all work differently. The administrators understand this and are more than willing to help you out if you have any issues with progressing, just send em' a message.


This rank is a special one. It is the bridge between your character transitioning from shikai to bankai, so, seeing as how bankai takes several weeks to gain, it will be the rank where you will spend your time longest.

All of the requirements mentioned above need to be met per usual but without an expected monthly check-up. Only after bankai approval and gaining bankai, can you progress to a captain power level. You must also have participated in at least two major arcs in your time as a shinigami so a summary of what you have done so far will be in order. The more you have done beyond the minimum, the more people will probably be behind your character gaining a bankai when the vote from the community comes around so keep that in mind.


Captain levels can take a whopping 6 months minimum of consistent effort to level up. This is because you have reached the halfway point in the RP and are a relevant force to practically everything in the story, so gaining further power is going to be a pretty big deal.

The conditions in the seated officer section must be adhered to with the twist that there must be (now more than ever) consistent work on your zanpaktou's bankai if in fact you mean to get stronger. Working on non-zanpaktou techniques, while encouraged, are not required due to the fact that you can now fully resonate with your zanpaktou.

For Everyone

If you are absent for more than six months, you will be considered inactive and, if you return, will have to undergo a weakened state that will temporarily give you reiatsu that is a rank lower than what you previously had (In Bleach this is called being 'rusty'). You can only turn up reiatsu for 3 posts to use abilities that will be at your original level, which will leave your character exhausted. You must train for 3 months consistently in order to get back to that level.
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Power Level Explanations
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