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 Injuries and Medical Kidou

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PostSubject: Injuries and Medical Kidou   Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:59 pm

This one will be a simple but important announcement. The severity of injuries will be connected to a recovery time. This goes for diseases and poisons as well, so please be a little bit cautious before you decide to run into swords and other rather unpleasant attacks that can seriously damage your character.

Level 1: Flesh Wounds

Outside of Monty Python's definition, these wounds are the general shallow wounds in shounen action mangas that look cool but don't hinder the opponent's movements or bravado in battle. You're most likely going to get a few in battle. To keep wounds from getting more serious than these do several things:

1) Just don't get hit

2) Try to move with and away from the blow and prevent yourself from being trapped in a secondary attack. Or block in some way to avoid serious damage

3) Make sure your this is an attack at or below your level.

4) Don't get stabbed, eviscerated (slashed deeply and continually cut), stuck in a direct energy attack, or get hit in the internal organs/soul sleep (located in the bottom part of your back/arteries.

Just remember, if you are fighting another player and abusing this kind of wound this can be brought to the moderators and you will be forced to take a worse hit if you aren't bringing up enough reasoning for avoiding serious damage.

Up to four flesh wounds can be recovered from without any loss in power or time as long as they are bandaged up at the fourth and they will be gone within a day. If you don't, then it'll take two days to be gone as you tan in the sun hoping to churn out a new badass battle scar to show off to your friends.

Level 2: "Getting a little Woozy"

If you're dumb enough not to take care of your body, there's a little thing called blood loss which can be pretty bad for even shinigami if left unchecked. After five flesh wounds, you will weaken from blood loss in battle. If you receive a deep cut in the internal organs or arteries this will also count. If you get hit deeply in a limb, its strength will weaken in battle and the power will be cut in half.

In terms of magical attacks, the same applies. If you get lightly hit by kidou or special attacks but don't take the majority of the damage on the fifth hit you will be weakened from dehydration from burns or whatever strange kind of damage the attack gives. The difference is, if the ability is four levels below your reiatsu level (for seated officers) or two levels below (for captains) the damage can be cancelled completely.

This will needed to be medically treated or your condition will worse. Treatment time starts at a day and increases for each day you miss treatment. On the fifth day, your character will be forced to pass out and undergo inactivity for four days where they will only be able to observe fights and walk around.

Level 3: "MY ARM!"

Broken bones need to be set and healed or they will never return to their former state. The recovery time for this is one week not counting ribs (which are two days treated, and a week untreated).

Level 4: "Oh god..."

If an opponent of your level, higher, or only two levels lower than your reiatsu, times an attack perfectly and catches you in it without any possibility of avoiding it and wrecks your vital organs, it is up to you to decide whether or not to keep on fighting the good fight or pass out and stay down. Even if you decide to fight on in a weakened state you can only do so for 4 posts at best, which just opens you up for another severe attack.

The recovery time for a level 4 injury is a mandatory three days of inactivity and an extra two days where you will be one reiatsu rank lower and in the same condition as the 'rusty' status in the Power Chart Explanations thread.

Level 5: Beasted

If you do get hit again severely, or if you get hit by a direct attack above your own reiatsu you are at the point of death. You can't actually die in the game unless you choose to, but the penalty for surviving is severe. You will be brought up to a week of inactivity and another week of regathering strength. If you do give good writing in your recovery you can be granted by the moderators a 'Hardened' ability, which will permanently keep you from ever reaching level 5 recovery time. This is only done if you weather the two weeks of recovery without assistance from player characters with medical kidou, which brings me to the next matter.

Medical Kidou

Medical kidou cuts down recovery time for level 3 through 5 injuries and can even heal level 1 and 2 injuries in the same day.

If a character or adjutant requests medical assistance, a group of NPC's will come to help. They are usually low ranking officers or unseated shinigami so, in battles with higher-level opponents, they should be protected from harm themselves. These characters can apply low-level medical kidous that can cut recovery time for injuries by one-half on the battlefield, if they are able to operate for the duration of the battle. It's always best to issue orders for the wounded to be taken back immediately for treatment, but in some situations it's impossible to leave without jeapordizing the mission. Either way, the character in charge of requesting assistance must post for the NPC's in good detail for it to count, describing the characters and what they are doing in at least one good post. For anything above level 2 injuries, the wounded must be brought back to the 4th division for further treatment.

Main characters (primary characters for roleplayers) that specialize in medical kidou get a large boost in comparison to NPCs and can access the full range of medical kidou (lvl 1-100). Another advantage of main characters that specialize in these kidou is that they can be more than capable fighters and will be able to handle themselves in battlefields where escape or entry isn’t necessarily possible yet.  Medical kidou potency is handled by its creators and must be submitted to the administrators for approval.  Although the recovery time can be lessened by main characters much more than the NPC’s they must be more detailed in how they treat the wounds and the kind and severity of the wound must be matched with the correct technique in order to be a valid healing process.
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Injuries and Medical Kidou
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