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 The Divisions

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PostSubject: The Divisions   The Divisions EmptyTue Jun 30, 2015 6:38 pm

Hello all,

Another announcement here to give you information on what divisions will be open for you to join. The three we have to choose are all well-rounded and allow various different kinds of fighters in the ranks, so if you're worried about being left out don't worry about it. Here they are

The 2nd Division: Black Ops

This division will be run by Janza and his character. This division is one of, if not the most unique, in the series. At this stage of the storyline, the onmitsukido is separate from the 2nd although closely connected. It is through this division that one can apply for the organization and learn the various assassination skills it offers that have been passed down through generations. Stealth, teamwork, and survival are the division's strong points. They may receive orders from the 1st that may cause conflict with other divisions due to the top secret nature of their missions and risk great controversy but, such is the life of one who joins this division. They may also often run into members of the 6th division as both of these divisions enforce the law, with the 2nd being more covert and cautious and the 6th being the more well-known shinigami mascots for abiding by the laws and keeping the peace.

The 6th Division: Law Enforcement/Peacekeeping

The 6th division is a dual purposed division that acts as both a protection division and as a war division for the Gotei 13. Vigilante will be running this division with an NPC captain and a few officers. Shinigami who join are usually those who want to be role models to those around them and protect more than just the balance of the universe. Although they may not be the quietest of shinigami persay, they follow the rules diligently and are mindful of the inner workings of peace in the Soul Society. They are often called upon to patrol the streets of Rukongai and take care of any criminal activity, while at the same time having to take care of hollow threats like any other division would. This makes a lot of them almost twice as busy. Expect hard work and high expectations if you join.

The 3rd Division: Psychological Warfare/Strategy

This division is a division committed to the psychological aspects of battle. Jin will be running this division with his character Pluto. Although most divisions have an understanding of this, the third division specializes in it. This means that those who join are expected to be intelligent, strong-willed, and have the right kind of personality to outwit whatever may come their way. The 12th division are known as the brains of the Gotei, but the 3rd actually are as well. They simply embody the more creative and tactical aspects of battle.

Take a little time to yourselves to figure out which one suits you
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The Divisions
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