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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
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 Shinigami Academy Layout and Point system

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PostSubject: Shinigami Academy Layout and Point system   Shinigami Academy Layout and Point system EmptyTue Mar 24, 2015 4:42 pm

(Do not post new threads in this area. they will be closed and deleted. )


Welcome to the Academy and the start of your career . Here you will learn one of the most essential assets of your life: How to purify a soul.

This is only the half of it!

It will be here you will learn how to survive. You will learn four primary skill specifications.

Swordplay (Zanjutsu)
Demon Arts (Kidou)
Hand To Hand Combat (Hakuda)
Agility and Movement (Hohou).

All students of the Academy will start of with a basic Base Stat of :-

Zanjutsu - 50
Kidou - 50
Hakuda - 50
Hohou - 50.

Any will be given a Bokken (wooden sword) And a Beginners Guide to Kidou.

Progressing in Zanjutsu:-

For now you start off with Bokken which you will train with till you attain a 70 Stat points in Zanjutsu, then you would be awarded a Asauchi to train with.

Progressing in Kidou:-

At the 50 stat point level you will only be able to do a basic beginners Kidou levels 1-10... As you increase in Stat Points... you will become eligible to learn new Kidou. Learning a new kidou is not automatic upon gaining the stat points needed, you also have to attend class in which the teacher teaches that specific Kidou for you to be able to learn and use it. A list of the Kidou you can learn is called Sticky: General SS Information. by Senso so thanks to him on that!


At the start of the RP you have 200 total points spread out between four stats. In order to graduate you need another 240.

So, how do you gain points?

training points are gained in a variety of ways. From attending Lessons, to independent training, or even being active. Anything and everything you do can earn you points on a week to week basis. So, every Sunday please send me a PM detailing what you did that week and I'll assign points as necessary. So EXAMPLES.

Examples of point gain:

Shinigami Academy Layout and Point system Posting-Point-Rules_zpsniytw08a

Add anything else you deem appropriate for point gain.

When you send me a PM for points, please list what you did that week, number of posts, what you trained or learned like the above example.

Upon gaining 120 stat points in two areas and 100 in the other two, or 240 points over all, you will become eligible to Graduate. You only have to partake in a practical which will be told to you at the time.

NPC's are used to teach, and as the static teachers for classes.
Miagi -
-Any others that would like to teach from time to time, let me know, and we'll figure something out-

These will be Shinigami who take time out to teach you. They will teach based on their division specialties. You can also practice with each other outside of classes which will help increase your skill through combat or practice. (its the only way for you to gain stat points to be able to graduate.)

Have fun experiencing your first steps to becoming a Shinigami and please understand if you can’t cut it you will be cut out! The academy is not for the weak of heart but for the strongest men and women to join the ranks of Shinigami!

Ill leave this here so you can get a feel for the academy.
Originally Posted by R)X(Z
Before you stands a large gate, made of stone and its roof from tin. A large and long building behind it surrounded by a very long wall that's connected to the gate.
As you step inside through the gate, you see a long walkway till the doors of the building, on each side there is a row of beautiful trees and after them several buildings with kanji markings on them. Each kanji represents the name of the block, it's the dorms.
As you walk further on and pass through the doors of the building you see a large hall, the walls are made of tin while the floor from wood, you see a few openings leading to hallways in the building. As you look at the wall in front of you, you see a congratulation sign :" Welcome students, we congratulate you for passing the test and hope you will enjoy this year in our school"
As you walk through the various hallways you see a few doors with kanji signs on them:

Zanjutsu room

Kidou room

Hohou room

Hakuda room

Reiatsu room


You also notice a room with the sign "Speaker system room" on it, it is locked.
As you continue to walk you notice other classrooms in the building, although, they seem empty.
As you exit the building and walk around the grounds you notice a small gate built in the wall leading outside, before you a huge patch of land surrounded by the wall of the academy. Your eye catches a sign in kanji meaning "Training grounds"

Not many rules only that Shinigami visiting the academy are not allowed to use Shikai or Bankai around students for the satety of the students well being. Also all shinigami (like in divisions) should visit reception and state their name and why they are there in order to help regulate who is in and out at what times.

((More To be added to later... If i feel like it))....
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Shinigami Academy Layout and Point system
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