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 Zanpaktou: Norowashii Shirogane (Accursed Silver)

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PostSubject: Zanpaktou: Norowashii Shirogane (Accursed Silver)   Zanpaktou: Norowashii Shirogane (Accursed Silver) EmptyWed Jul 15, 2015 10:19 am

ZANPAKTOU- Vigilante

The Sealed

Sealed Appearance: Zanpaktou: Norowashii Shirogane (Accursed Silver) A2rq0l

Minus the silver blade with the red markings, it looks normal in that area. The hilt and guard stay the same though

Sealed Type: Katana
Sealed length: 27.5 inches


The Spirit Persona

Zanpakuto Spirit: A giant dark grey golem wearing a lighter grey/borderline silver toga.

Spirit Personality: An arrogant slave-master who is of surprisingly normal temperament. Emphasis on arrogant, he may not be particularly sadistic for someone of his occupation but he is very uppity and considers the beings in his inner world and Hurs to be permanently beneath him.

Inner World: A finite dimension filled with huge, jagged silver mountains and covered with a silver haze or mist that provides a sickening, never-ending silver light to the world. Three shrines lie on the tops of the most prominent mountains and are constantly in disrepair and crumbling. The valleys are known as the Realm of Slaves where small golems made of rocks are visited by Shirogane and forced to travel up the mountains to repair the shrines. The user of this zanpaktou will also be treated like a slave or forced to face the consequences. Shirogane has the power to manipulate almost everything in the world and, when challenged, does not fight like or with its shinigami in a fair or conventional manner. Instead, it manipulates the world's surroundings and puts the shinigami into various traps and games. Whether or not they pass or fail it does not matter for they are always sent hurling back into the valley.


The Initial Dance

Shikai Name: Norowashii Shirogane

Release Phrase: Bosshu (Forfeit)

Shikai Appearance: A simple but long silver spear that is intensely white-silver. Almost as if there is a light emanating from it.  

Shikai Type: Physical/Reiryoku

Shikai Ability Stage 1: The spear can almost instantly transform into a claymore of the same size, adding different options of attack and greater defense, albeit much heavier. It can transform back to the original shikai state in almost an instant if need be, giving it a quick draw capability that makes it hard to predict its moves.

Shikai Ability Stage 2: The spear can transform into a medieval axe-glaive of the same length. Just like the first stage, it can quickly transform to a regular spearhead. This is the most power heavy transformation in the shikai.

Shikai Ability Stage 3: Mastery- With a reiryoku cost, Hurs can make any one of the shikai forms glow with power. The weapon becomes imbued with energy and is weightless although still sharp to his enemies (Think of a lightsaber). This allows Hurs to really pour on the pressure in close battles.


The Great Release

Bankai Name: Endai Gekihoko Souzou (Grand Trident of Creation)

Release Phrase: Bankai...

Bankai Appearance: Starts out as a glowing 10-foot five pronged trident of energy. Hurs gains metal gauntlets that prevents his hands from being cut.

Bankai Type: Physical

Bankai Ability Stage 1:

1) It is weightless but still very sharp on any area of the weapon.
2) With a post, the trident can grow or shrink to an indefinite length.
3) Hurs can also manipulate the number and shape of the blades on the end of the weapon with each swing. Hurs can use his imagination to create a variety of melee weapons on the end of the staff that have never been created before due to their impracticality. Since the bankai is weightless, there is no need to worry about the usual problems of shape and size.

Claim of Babylon: When the first stage of the bankai is mastered, Hurs can make up for the weakness in his bankai, which is the problem of the lack of power and momentum of the bankai due to its weightlessness. The trident will turn to metal mid-swing, patterned with black runes and casting a shadow on the land. With the mass of the trident and the speed of the swing, there will be a proportional amount of power poured into a zanjutsu attack. Hurs can quickly turn it back into energy to prevent exhaustion from holding so much weight.
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Zanpaktou: Norowashii Shirogane (Accursed Silver)
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