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 プラズマ神 Purazuma-shin

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PostSubject: プラズマ神 Purazuma-shin   プラズマ神 Purazuma-shin EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 4:11 am

Sealed Appearance: プラズマ神
Purazuma-shin takes the form of not only only one, but three Zanpakutos, all lodged into a single "tsuba". Due to him finding this inconvenient, Ryu has made a request from the research and development Captain to redesign his Zanpakuto so that the tsuba is part of the scabbard he holds プラズマ神
Purazuma-shin in, and the three blades to be without it. They resemble ordinary katanas, each with a red hilt.
Sealed Type: Santoryu
Sealed length: Standard

Zanpakuto Spirit: A large yellow skeleton with large electronic waves surrounding it.
Spirit Personality: Supreme Judge. He consider himself the the ruler of all, and don't like unwanted guess. He is arrogant,cocky,and short temper.
Inner World: A vast red planet with large red clouds surrounding the entire planet.

Shikai Name: Purazuma-shin ( プラズマ神 aka Plasma God)

Release Phrase: Cripple them, Purazuma-Shin

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Type: Elemental(Plasma)/ Santoryu/kidou/and phyiscal.

Shikai Ability Stage 1: プラズマクラウドPurazumakuraudo. Upon unsheathling his first Zanpakuto he utter the command Purazumakurado. His zanpakuto blade vanish instantly turning into a large highly ionized superheated gas that resembles a red cloud with electricity surrounding the gas. Much like 
Rangiku shikai he can control it with either his hand or hilt of his blade. His Shikai have a hurtless zone much like Byakura Kuchiki Senbonzakura with is about 3 feet in all directions. Purazuma-shin can perform both electricity burn, as well as cripple a target. Due to it electric nature Plasma have it can immobilized any part it hit as well as burning them to.

Shikai Ability Stage 2: プラズマ刑務所
Purazuma keimusho upon unshealthing his second Zanpakuto of Purazuma the blade turn red, as well as produce a electric aura around the blade. This zanpakuto is capable of scorching the earth and leave it dry and virile, and also burns it enough to make it crack and collapse. By simply lodging his blade into the earth, or slashing the tip along it, the electric of the blade is enough to send a shockwave of electric into the earth, eroding it and making it collapse and explode. If he lodges the sword into the ground, the explosion will be in a radius. If its swung, the explosion will continue in a straight-forward line. This technique also have a safe zone of one feet in all directions. Not to mention if you are hit by this attack your will be burn as well as immoblized due to electric nature of the blade.

Shikai Ability Stage 3: プラズマ噴火 Purazuma Funka upon unshealthing his third, and last Zanpakuto Ryu is able release a powerful technique. By charging the electrons in the air he can cause these electrons to explode . Thus anyone that is in range of his zanpakuto and he pointed it at that general direction . The area itself would be super charge by plasmas particles thus exploding . This explosion can both immobilized(paralyze by the electric effect)the target as well as burning them bad.

"You can't even handle a single person dying in front of you? Feh! And you call yourself a Shinigami!"
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プラズマ神 Purazuma-shin
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