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 The Conquest

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PostSubject: The Conquest   Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:08 pm

The Sealed

Sealed Appearance: In its sealed form, Kamisayuu no Tsurugii takes the shape of a normal sized Katana blade. The blade length is twenty nine inches long; about half an inch longer than your typical Katana, which tends to be 28 and a half inches long. There are some Katanas that are known to be about 23 inches in length.  The blade is silver in color, with one single sharp edge; its curved frame gives it a rather mean look when gazed upon. The temper line of the blade is black in color, meanwhile the ridge line takes on a dark grey color. The blade’s color is also black, with a gold line wrapped around the central area of the blade’s color. The spacers for the blade’s guard takes on a dark purple color, with the guard taking on a squared shape. The square is dark green in color, and inside the square is a dark purple circle shape. This gives the guard the appearance of a circle within a square. The circle inside the square also has what appears to be spokes that meets the blade’s guard. The fuchi collar is silver in color, meanwhile the hilt of the weapon is wrapped in dark green braided material. There are also two ornaments along the hilt of the weapon. The butt cap of the weapon is silver in color.

Sealed Type: Katana
Sealed length: 29”


The Spirit Persona

Zanpakuto Spirit: Kamisayuu no Tsurugi  takes the form of a black 50 meter long eastern type dragon. It has massive talons with an equally massive wing span. Kamisayuu  is a black dragon with crimson eyes and with shiny scales, making it most majestic in terms of appearance. Apart from its 50 meter long body, it is also 12 foot in terms of width, truly a powerful soul that resides within Jin’s Zanapakuto. But the other half is quite different compared to the dragon known as the mistress.

The mistress has long purple hair, reaching into her back, stretching past her bosom, based on the style in which she keeps it. A most beautiful woman in essence, but she often has a deadly stare. There are times when she appears rather playful, as per the formation of her expressions and visage in general. The Mistress wears a black crown on her head and moving further down her body. She wears a black corset like dress, shaping into a rather skimpy dress. Her frontal area, more specifically her privates seem to be covered by a small portion of material that extends from the corset. This corset type dress also sees a belt wrapped around her waistline, with eight silver buckles adorning it. And of course, the woman sports black underwear that protects her genitalia from being spied on by perverted men and women. The Mistress’s cup size is more or less a C-cup, not drawing a great deal of attention to her bosom. But for those, whom would dare to look, seems mesmerized when glancing at her bosoms. This is the perverted nature of the weaker men often getting the better of them. This allure of the mistress is not ability and should not be misconstrued as such either.

The Mistress wears a black glove on her right hand, one that stretches beyond her wrist, almost reaching her elbow. Her left hand remains bare, showing off her beautiful fingernails, and womanliness. The Mistress has black straps wrapped around her upper thigh area. These black belts like straps are also worn around her legs, wrapped around her shin. The woman also sports a dark purple medieval like gown over her attire, making her out to look like an evil sorceress from old folklore. The Mistress seems to be barefooted most times, although, being without shoes doesn’t seem to bother the mistress at all. It was the way in which she was designed, and so it comes as second nature to her.

Spirit Personality: Kamisayuu no Tsurugi’s personality is shared between a dragon and a most beautiful and sometimes wicked mistress. The dragon form of Kamisayuu is as majestic and as fearsome as one can imagine. The creature is quite perceptive and intelligent as his the mistress. While the blade embodies the more serious and stern nature of the duo. The mistress makes up the other playful half, who can be rather cruel to those around her. She is also a woman who uses her sexuality to get what she wants. A constant distraction for those who have laid eyes on her. Even so she can be deceptive in nature, and when duty calls she is perhaps even more vicious compared to her serpentine other half. So much so that the majestic dragon is often seen as more tamed and less cruel compared to her.

Inner World: Kamisayuu’s inner world consists  of a rather vast land. In this world, it is lined with cherry blossom trees in most areas, while the ground remains grassy. This inner world is filled with mountains and with valleys too. There are rivers and in most cases this place despite the scenery is rather vibrant, that is how Jin views it. The skies  are very cloudy, but more importantly, the skies always appears to be at dusk, never changing to a full on night sky, morning or otherwise. The skies remain as a blend of grey, blue, crimson and even slight tints of yellow. But none of this is as amazing as the massive moon in the skies that seems to have been dragged closer to the earth. The moon is so close that anyone who has ever visited this plain of existence would have been in awe of it. The moon is of course a full moon, shining bright.


The Initial Dance

Shikai Name:Kamisayuu no Tsurugi-God Conqueror Blade

Release Phrase: Fall Down

Shikai Appearance: Kamisayuu no Tsurugi's Shikai comes in the form of five modified Shurikens with mirrors inside them. To break down the appearance of the Shurikens, the Mirror section of the Shuriken is that of a round mirror reinforced by a metal frame, with of course a clear mirror inside of it. This round mirror is three feet in both height and width. But what makes the Shuriken most dangerous, are the three blades that sits on the outer edges of the mirror. This is what completes Jin’s Shikai form, making it a Shuriken Mirror. The three blades on the outer edges resemble three tomoes, very similar to that of the Sharingan tomoes from the Naruto Manga. The blades (tomoes) extend a further eighteen inches from the outer edges of the mirror. The blades of the Shurikens are of course razor sharp and seem to cut without mercy. The Shurikens are all black for the most part, with silver edges on each blade. The back of each Shuriken has six crescent shaped moon designs that performs a certain function or acts as a signal. The back of the Shurikens each have a handle that allows Jin to grab hold of the Shurikens and further manoeuvre them for melee based combat. This normally happens when Jin sees the need to defend himself from close range. The Mirror inside each shuriken is not easily broken, as they are of a spiritual nature. They have been seen to ward of sword clashes and other attacks without as much as a blemish to the mirrors. The crescent moon designs at the back of each Shuriken have a silver outline to them. But once Jin has absorbed and trapped energy, the crescent moon shaped designs turns red, which shows that there is energy inside of them waiting to be unleashed. The Shuriken Mirrors all attack by spinning violently, cutting without prejudice and moving at incredible speeds as they fly through the air. Jin’s sealed Zanapakuto also undergoes a transformation, becoming just a black blade, with a green hilt, as it was in its sealed state. The blade is also now without a cross guard which is rather unusual in itself. This gives Jin the ability to engage in melee and ranged combat, making him a balance fighter.

Shikai Type: physical Unknown

Shikai Ability Stage 1: Kamisayuu no Tsurugi's primary ability is the absorption, manipulation, trapping and redistribution of energy. This comes in the form of absorbing the opponent(s) attacks, and using it for its own purpose. With this, the Shuriken mirrors can be made to be become much deadlier, faster and more versatile. The Shuriken mirrors are of course capable of flight, easily controlled by its wielder, whether by thought or hand gestures etc. The Shurikens can absorb an attack from various points on any mirror in use. And with this first stage, the Shuriken are all linked together, allowing Jin to absorb attacks from Shuriken A and release it via Shuriken B,C, E etc. This stage is referred to as (Kansou~First Phase)

Shikai Ability Stage 2: Kamisayuu no Tsurugi's second stage is called Nisou no Tsuki~Second Phase of the Moon. At this point Jin is now capable of imbuing his own energy or attacks with his Shuriken mirrors, having them all interlinked with each other. This means the man can prepare a Kido spell and perform said Kido through a Shuriken already in flight. Equally, he could give his own energy to the Shurikens. And thereby increasing their battle capabilities. Whether its speeding up the mirrors, having them manipulate the energy, or generally becoming more powerful in terms of potential for destruction.

Shikai Ability Stage 3: The third stage is referred to as Sansou no Tsuki-Third Stage of the Moon. And with this stage,


The Great Release

Bankai Name:

Release Phrase:

Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai Look like

Bankai Type: Elemental/Dual/kidou/phyiscal etc

Bankai Ability Stage 1:

Bankai Ability Stage 2:
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The Conquest
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