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 Power Chart

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PostSubject: Power Chart   Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:15 pm

Firstly I will point out an important fact, your rank in this chart does not reflect your division rank. I will give two examples, Ikkaku (11th Division 3rd seat) He is Taichou level but is only a third seat. Nano-Chan (8th Division) She is Fuku-Taichou yet is weak and as far as we can see doesn't even have shikai. So understand that even if you get a high seat in a division that doesn't mean you are stronger than someone of a lower seat in another division. That is why we have this Power chart so that you can properly see your ability compared to another person.

Right now as to how the Chart is worked out. Firstly the major aspect is commitment that is a constant flow of posting and interacting. Power is not just given away if your posting is erratic and sparse people will over take you. Respect, this is a more general thing in that you can be a bad guy in the RP but due to an excellent quality of RP'ing people respect you for your posts and hard work you put into them, Take all the long time members and you will see what i mean, they are constant apart form the odd breaks and their posts are truly detailed. Even if they are baddies they still have respect.

What is not taken into consideration is over all time in the RP, i won't look at that i will look at your commitment to posting. There are people who have been in the RP since it started but you will hardly see them post would it be fair to give them a high rank whilst people who are newer constantly post and make good posts staying committed right through stay below them? NO so over all time doesn't count only your continued commitment.

However there are two instances where this applies. Shikai and Bankai, you must have been graduated for a minimum of 3 mounts before you can obtain shikai and for a year to obtain Bankai. On top of this YOU MUST have shown commitment to the RP, that means you can only get it on those exact dates IF you have constantly posted without taking breaks, made good posts and especially for Bankai shown everyone and who ever the GM is at the time that you deserve it as an RP'r and aren't just going to abuse that power in some god modding way.

Ok lastly on the topic of Bankai and Shikai, remember that the Power chart doesn't reflect division ranks. We set it out this way so that you can relate to it easier. In our Power charts seated positions only start once you achieve Shikai and then over time you climb the ladder through your commitment. You will find as you go people will RP with you more and so forth with this you will find when it comes time to gain Bankai or become a Taichou which has to be generally agreed upon by the majority of the RP'rs in this RP that you will be able to obtain the title of Taichou and get bankai. Where you see that people of Fuku-Taichou level have Bankai this means that A: they have only just achieved Bankai. B: They have not been seen fit to gain Taichou in the RP, or C. That their is no current need of a new division at that point in time due to certain circumstances outside of the RP's control.

Ok thank you all for reading any Questions please direct to me (Volg, Shane or Vigilante) or Nicho. < seriously, this dude is a real beast.
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Power Chart
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