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 Hakuda Training grounds

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PostSubject: Hakuda Training grounds   Hakuda Training grounds EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 2:58 pm

The hakuda training grounds in the academy is a large open courtyard, surrounded by both trees and rocky outcrops. In the center of the courtyard is a large white fountain and a stand that offers fresh bandages for all students.

The obvious attraction here is a huge white tree, many students practice their hand to hand skills on its trunk for both lessons and individual practice. The rest of the courtyard can be used by students to practice against static dummies or each other.

Fighting is encouraged here, with restrictions on weapons and kidou.

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PostSubject: Re: Hakuda Training grounds   Hakuda Training grounds EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 5:17 pm

Anira walked eyes half open, she fought against the urges to sleep. She could go on a little more. She entered into the Hakuda Training facilities. She chose for herself a secluded room filled with 3 log dummies. Each of these log dummies had multiple planks of wood branching out. These were used to practise your hakuda skills and developing your skills to attack at different angles with the different parts of your body. She sat down on the nearby bench, rubbing her eyes to stop the stinging sensation. Man, no matter how long you did it, it was always hard to fight fatigue. Yet she fought against it weaving her hands and stretching them out. She would sleep after this she told herself. From her sack, the same she stored her notes in, Anira pulled out long bandages from them. She slowly began to wrap her legs in them, covering her foot, shins and her ankles carefully. After she was happy with the grip they provided Anira began to do the same with her arms, wrists and hands. Protection was important, your body could handle only so much and she was still young there was no need to break herself too hard.

Damn was she tired. She rubbed her eyes once more, smelling the staleness of her bandages. They needed to be replaced again. Every week or so she got new ones. They wore out quickly and also began to stink. This particular one smelled of wood and sweat. She was sure there were pieces of splinter and patches of blood here and there. Anira slowly stood up easing into warm ups. Stretching her arm and leg muscles before beginning to loosen her joints. She remembered the first time she had come to the academy, her teachers had quickly shown her what she was worth. Street fighting was nothing in the face of experienced formal war combat. She had been on her back more times than she wanted to admit. Now it was a different story. She was still much weaker than her teachers but at least she could best her peers. She placed her left hand around the top of her head and grabbed her chin, craning and stretching the neck muscles. She felt a headache coming on. Fluids, it would keep her alive. She drank from a can of sweet juice, gulping it great satisfaction at its coolness.

Anira pratically lived on soul supplements and juices to keep her going. She could rest when she was strongest or dead. Either way she needed to practise now. A deep breath inflated her chest and then it was exhaled a moments later. She prepared her heart for the upcoming hardship letting it beat faster now instead of surprising it. Once she was ready she began her routine. Slowly at first she began to snap her arms at the wooden lump a heavy thunk echoing on each strike. Gradually she began to increase her tempo only throwing punches at first. She stopped momentarily as her head rushed. Anira steadied herself taking steady breathes to relieve her brain. She was tired and her body knew it, it protested against her and begged for sleep. Not now she said, taking a gulp of water and returning to the dummies.

Once again the rthymic thunks returned. However this time elbows were mixed in, sounding their heavier strikes in deeper thuds. Faster, stronger, better. Anira began to attack two dummies, switching between them. Her heart raced and she could feel her own thuds in the frontal lobe of her skull. She began to use all parts of her arm even open hands and her palms. When she had first started the tempo was slow and her hands had hurt. But now she had become used to it, only feeling the impact of her own attacks. In a gasp she finished her routine and jumped away from the dummies. She wasnt quite ready to practise on three dummies. She wasnt even half way. There were dummies that rotated on the spot and effectively attacked you. One had to both dodge and block. She had seen her teachers do it without breaking a sweat. Anira smiled, damn teachers. She collapsed into a sitting position on the nearby bench. She panted as the sweat broke her skin and poured out in droplets. Her head throbbed and her eyes stung. Sleep? maybe. There were so many things to do.

Anira drank from her can again and crushed it in her hands. Maybe she could do a lap before turning in? Her head throbbed at the thought. No maybe it was enough perhaps it was time to sleep. Anira undid the straps of bandages even as she panted, her eyes closed to take the stinging away. Yeah maybe it was time to get some sleep.

exit >>
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PostSubject: Re: Hakuda Training grounds   Hakuda Training grounds EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 12:08 pm

It wasn't long until Yomotsu made his way into the Hakudo Training grounds. He was here to learn how better to defend himself, as well as defend Izanami from attacks. As he walked around the training grounds, he glanced here and there, as though looking for something. He found it rather fast, an advanced training dummy, used usually by the more advanced Hakudo users. He looks at it for a moment before going at it with a passion, forging his usual quiet nature.

He struck at the dummy with lightning fast strikes, each one landing where he wanted except for one which slipped off towards the side, making him falter for a split second. He cursed to himself, knowing that would get him killed. He kept at it, training harder and harder with each passing second. He hit harder and harder, making sure his strikes landed where he wanted. Again, he slipped and missed his target. This time, he followed up without faltering. He was determined not to give anyone a split second while fighting them. He wouldn't let anyone weave any Kido, nor get out of range to use their Zanpakuto. He wanted to be good enough to fight off any arancarr, but knew that came in time. He didn't stop, even as the sun slowly rose to its peak and started its long arc back down. Even still, he wouldn't stop, knowing that if he took a single break, he would lose focus.

It wasn't long now that sweat started to slide down his forehead as he went at the dummy. It wasn't long before he made another mistake, missing a beat and faltering once again. In an instant, he was back at it, only to miss again. That was two mistakes now, two more then he ever wanted to make so fast. He growled and increased his tempo, striking harder and faster then before.

Soon however, he had to stop. He was panting, sweat running down his forehead and arms. He stood there, his hands bleeding slightly from it and looked at the now battered training dummy and blinked once, a few drops dropping to the group from his eyelashes. He stooped for a moment, letting his breating come back under control before standing back up.
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PostSubject: Re: Hakuda Training grounds   Hakuda Training grounds EmptyWed Apr 15, 2015 8:30 am

It was early in the morning at the Hakudo Training grounds, and Yomotsu was already hard at work. He had been there since the sun had first appeared over the horizon, training himself as hard as ever. He was going through his moves, adding in more and more each time to make it more difficult on himself and to help him improve. Right thrust, left jab, right upper cut, left elbow. Each one he threw at the training dummy with incredible speed. He was starting to miss less and less with each day that passed, and he gained a sense of satisfaction from it. It took him longer and longer to get tired as he trained, and his skin was getting tougher and tougher as it broke and fixed itself. His hands were already bleeding from the forces he was using on the dummy, but that didn't stop him one bit. He thought of it as an extra challenge. He could ignore the pain rather easily, having felt worse when he was alive, and the blood that was smeared onto the dummy as he trained served as another challenge. If he misjudged his hit, his hand would slip and he would have to start all over again. He had to make each strike count while keeping up a fast delivery rate.

The sun had crested over the trees now, and Yomotsu was drenched in sweat. His breathing was labored, and his punches had lessened in force now. But that would not stop the Dog of the Underworld from continuing his training. As time wore on, his punches were getting weaker and weaker, his speed slowing and his eyes fluttering. The blood loss was making him light headed as his skin never got a chance to heal while he trained, and his constant moving was heating him up enough that it was stifling his breathing. Just as the sun had gotten a few feet above the tree line, Yomotsu collapsed onto the ground, panting hard. His vision was blurred at the moment, his eyes having a hard time focusing on what was in front of him. The last thing he remembered before his eyes closed was the warmth of the sun, and the softness of the ground under him. Then there was nothing but black.
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PostSubject: Re: Hakuda Training grounds   Hakuda Training grounds EmptyWed Apr 15, 2015 10:56 am

In just a few minutes, he raised his hand up and slammed his fist into the ground, hard enough to raise dust from it. With a groan, Yomotsu raised himself off the ground, a fire in his eyes as he raised himself up again. He clenched his hands, enough so that the wounds on his hands opened back up, letting the blood flow again. He growls and goes at the training dummy again, striking it with a passion that he hadn't show before. He went at it, throwing punches and strikes faster and faster then before, each one rocking the dummy backwards when before it wouldn't even move it. He started making sounds with each strike. "Hya! Hyu! Hnn! Hrr!" Each one was followed with a louder sounding thud. With a final, louder "HYA!" He striked the dummy and broke it in half. He stood there, panting hard before looking at his hands and frowning. His hands were bleeding more then before, his knuckles bruised, while the skin around it was torn even worse then when he had started. He shakes his head and clenches his hand, watching it bleed even more.

"Pain.. Is only a hindrance."

With that, he makes his way out of the Hakudo Training field, a small trail of blood following him all of the way.

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PostSubject: Re: Hakuda Training grounds   Hakuda Training grounds Empty

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Hakuda Training grounds
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