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PostSubject: Accepted Techniques - Old RP   Accepted Techniques - Old RP EmptyWed Apr 01, 2015 12:50 pm

((Thanks to Zoey, OD-Funk, and Myself))Okay so, EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE, this is for everyone to understand that us people less fortunate of using alot of Kidou, and Reiatsu buffed attacks, actually have some sort of power.. when in a fight, I've seen it happen a few times, someone uses a sword technique which should actually have affect, and said opponent shrugs it off, as if it doesn't happen.

Due to 7th, and 11th members using Physical based attacks, I know many people, wouldn't take their great skill and power in this area into account, as Strength isn't rated in the SS Power charts.. unfortunately, this makes fighting for me, and others like me, very hard at times, and somewhat Biased, so I'm going to go through, every physical based attack, we know, have mastered, have created, and use ALOT while fight.

7th style attacks
These fighting abilities and style were developed to fight against bankai, without using a Bankai. As such, a well versed, powerful user can counter a bankai. A lesser skilled, earlier taichou or lower user has trouble maintaining that level of ability.

Kinetics- The release of massive force. this Fighting style is only usable by a shinigami with immense physical strength, and intense training. The user tenses their muscles to the breaking point, before releasing the tension to cause a solid quick superb attack. A powerful force is created by the weapon of uses movements, the kinetic force released taking the form of the weapon (extremely sharp if its a blade, or a blunt destructive force if its a more solid weapon, like a club, or a fist.) The kinetic energy released from these attacks, is not a fully visible object, but rather a distortion. It is unable to be simply blocked. if one were to try to block it, the attack would still carry through, damaging internally, as well as externally. The only way to stop this attack style, is to avoid it, or exert an equal amount of force against it, which in most cases, is not likely.

Point Break: An Attack based on the raw physical power of the users muscles, he or she, builds up tension in their upper body, before exerting it through the tip of the blade in a single strike, the power of this attack, increases your weapon jabs damage, DRAMATICALLY, cutting through most things, even Zanpaktou if the opponents ability in Zanjutsu, and general attacking power is inferior, the initial hit of the attack, also, isn't a straight forward pulse of energy, it's an area of affect, meaning, even if it is blocked succesfully, the shock of the great force exerted, damages, and cuts, the opponents arms, basically, if you want to avoid taking damage from this, dodge it.

Shock Strike: A sword technique, it takes a long time to learn, but once mastered, it becomes the wielders normal base attack, each slash of the users blade, sends out a pulse of energy, damaging muscle fibers, cutting the skin, and even damaging organs, it's power is gauged by the ammount of physical power and force the user can dish out, so someone at the level of fuku taichou, would only be able to cut the opponents skin, where as mid taichou would bust your lungs open, damage from this is unavoidable, you cannot completely block it, you can block it so the damage caused is minimal, and but a single scratch, IF you're that good, BUT , like point break, if you want to avoid all damage, you must dodge.
Pulse Wave: the 'combination' of both Shock strike, and point break, building up tension in the upper torso, The user slashes outwards with his sword, releasing this tension into a concerntrated outlet of kenetic energy, it's unseeable, being kenetic energy.. but, it eventually distrupts air and such, becoming a visible fluxuation, it's damage is high, you can try and block, but it's affects will break through, it damages the innards, and the outer skin of the opponent, cutting at the body like a steak knife, like the other two.. the only way to truely stop damage from it, is to dodge.

*From the 11th -
Okay this list took a bit to construct, but they are all attacks I have done and kept in the back of my mind with the intention of formally posting them like this. Also, some of the dojo houses are ones that I think would be helpful and easy to build on while providing a few selections of zanjutsu styles. All houses and styles exist within the dojos if anyone had ever cared to learn or join they would have learned a few of these forms by now. Please remember none of them require reiatsu. They have their strengths and weaknesses and as mentioned above, reiatsu or kidou is not a neccessity to bypass an attack or simply dismiss it. There is a vast range of ways to go about this without 'flaring' up to win.

Multi-strike: A series of fast sword thrusts and jabs allowing for the illusion that the opponent is being stabbed multiple times at once. A beginner will often start out at two-four while a more advanced fighter may illustrate eight to twelve attacks at once. This is not entirely about attack speed. It is also important for precise accuracy. An experienced swordsman will know where to hit along the torso, aiming for the more likely and critical location. This is primarily agility and precision. There is no reiatsu.


FukuTaichou level of power and mastery: At this level of power, the person using this teqnique knows the ins and outs of the Mitsubhush attack. When the blade edge is connected with the body or connecting area with the target, the force of the attack causes bones to crack and crumble blood vessels to burst completely, muscles to tare apart, tendons to snap. Most damage is internal; a large bruise is usually found on the skin that touched the blade the skin on the opposite side. But at this level of power, the area that is effected is about torso size. By attacking certain areas of the body, a person doesn’t have to connect with a vital organ directly, a ripple from the attack could easily cause the heart to explode, lungs to collapse, and other organs to be damaged by the attack. It is centered around the edge of the blade, losing power as it moves out.

Taichou level: The peak of the ability with this attack, causing maximum damage to the target. It causes bones to turn to dust inside of the body, blood vessels to break, blood hemoglobin to either disintegrate or become deformed,and easily cause pressures inside of the body to change caused many organs to explode or rip open. The area of the attack is large, being able to affect a small section of hollows/enemies behind the direct target. The area affected by the target is large enough to cause high damage to the whole body no matter where the attacked connected. If the attack is released without something connected it, or is released into the side of a building, would release “a magnum amount of force leveling the streets and pummeling the air” as Zoey showed us in the human world.


FukuTaichou level: A much large quake than at the beginner mastery, causing large rocks to jet out of the ground in both a defensive and offensive motion. By the degree of mastery, the user can control the direction and movement of the quake and the movement of the rocks. Medium sized cracks shoot out in almost every direction from the users, causing the ground in the radius around him to become very unstable.

Taichou level: A huge quake, depending on how much power the person puts into the attack, large boulders can burst forth from the earth. At this level of mastery, the attack is no longer forms in a radius from the person, but a directed force in the direction they chose. The attack only creates a small crater under the hilt of the user’s sword. The earth in the direction the ripple takes is completely crumbled, easily causing voids for enemies to fall in.

Ripple used against a body: If the attack is brought to the body of the enemy, a ripple is sent through their entire body. In most cases it can cause temporally paralyses that can be overcome by calming the system. At higher degrees of force, this attack can very lethal, causing the brain to rattle back and forth in the skull, internal bleeding there and other places is common place if the user applies a large forced ripple. [/quote]
Dojos and Attack styles

Iaido Dojo~

Nukitsuke: Resorting to single handed fighting. The use of handling one’s sword with the dominant hand. Angle, timing and control are necessary to perform swift, speedy movements and moving onto the offense. Goes well with a shynpo and constant foot work. Good posture is required. The body should be turned at an angle, the torso never directly exposed. Any cut or attempted slash should be made from the movement of the front foot as the Body Weight is giving power to the cut. Push your weight behind it. Stabs and jousts can work well in penetrating reitsu shield defenses.

Kiritsuke (fool’s attack): Striking to the imaginary enemy. Implementing fake attacks to force out the opponent’s weak areas. It is usually done into a pattern of fake, fake, jab. One real attack in the mixture of several fake. The full force of the strike should be given, extreme concentration restricting the fighter to pull back their weapon at the last moment.

Jyuppen: Cut in four directions coming up from the rear or side. Timed best by catching an opponent off guard. This move requires speed, and fluid movements. The blade should only move twice. Cuts are deep.

Buko Ryu Dojo~

Divine Step - Foot work. Lots of foot work. Heavy meditation, calling on the inner spirit to slow one’s heartbeat down. Sword fighting performed in the manner of fluid steps in the art of dodging, deflecting, and retaliating in one smooth movement. Motion of the Ocean. The body should be relaxed, the mind should be in a post-meditative state. It is a skill required of zanjutsu dominant fighters in dire times of combat or simply a way to deflect power or strength fighters. Noble Fighting.

Muso (heavens) - A brutal and murderous attack. One or two blades. Any sharp edge will do. For experienced swordsmen only. Overtaking the opponent from the rear or front, high leveled agility required for absolute arm and body movements. The feet are planted firmly as the fighter literally slashes their opponent into ribbons in a blink of the eye. The edge should cut deep into the flesh, the slashes should be a blur. A difficult move to block. This attack looks graceful but will end with a Dead hollow lying in a pool of blood in several pieces. Affective against long distance fighters once in range and may easily tear apart a shield of use varying on their level.

Bujinkan Dojo~

(Three Formal Houses)

1.) Ladainha: A zanjutsu fighting style within the Bujinkan house. Originally an African form of fighting it has been adjusted. Capoeira martial arts with the use of a weapon. Side-to-side movement. From there, the combatants move to perform a variety of attacks and evasions. Much of the movements focus on the feet rather than the hands, emphasizing evasion over blocking. A sword thrown into the mix more appropriately confuses the enemy on what is and isn’t attacking, offering an extra length or two by the sword. This form of fighting is extremely affective after adjusting one’s self from a formal style such as Iaido to purposely confusing the opponent in a rhythmic, swaying and acrobatic tendency of their limbs and torso. The body must become one with the sword. Also to note, it becomes increasingly difficult to read the fighter’s moves as the evasion and strikes tend to be highly unpredictable. Greatly affective against shyunpo and speed opponents as a defensive and offensive tool. Also for experienced fighters.

2.) Gedan: One of the most ruthless forms of fighting in a most majestic way. EXTREMELY DIFFICULY to learn. Requires little power but a great deal of knowledge, accuracy and precision. One mess can end their life. This house is entirely willed to cutting and puncturing pressure points, specific crucial arteries, and certain veins throughout the body. A simple jab, or cut to an exact location may lead to victory. The fighter must have intense knowledge of the human or hollow anatomy. Results can be shown with a simple thrust, cutting off blood supply to the heart or brain, causing internal damage, increase fatigue or restriction of movement. NOTE: while sword abilities will be required to affectively perform a successful attack or at the very least get in range of their opponent, it is more noted this is for patient fighters willing to take the time to study and memorize exact locations. If you’re not this type of fighter ie brute strength, impatient etc, this is not a style for you. This does take time to learn and is a capable style outside the zanjutsu expertise.

List of possible areas:

Femoral Artery (thigh) – heavy bleeding. Restricts running or shyunpo greatly. Dangerous.

Deep Femoral Artery (femur; along the thigh) – major artery. Internal bleeding, numbing intense pain down to the foot. Life Threatening.

Pulmonary Vein(chest) - Four of them. Bring blood to the heart. Damage should be obvious.

Abdominal Aorta (abdominal cavity) - Supplies blood to the abdominal cavity. Delirious, shortness of breath, heavy bleeding, possible death. Deadly.

Jugular Vein (jugular) – deoxygenated blood to the head and back to the heart. Common sense if you’re cut or jabbed here. Deadly.

Thoracic Aorta (left ventricle) – Supply blood to the head, neck, thorax, upper limbs. Heaviness to inability to wield weapon are the first major signs.

Brachial Artery (upper arm) – Inability to wield weapon. Sharp pain, numbs entire muscles in the arm. Limb is useless. MUST be slashed however.

Deep Palmar Arch (palm) – Inability to wield a weapon efficiently or a two handed weapon. Lots of bleeding. A deep cut must be made affectively.

Femoral Vein (hunter’s canal, middle of thigh) – Life Threatening. Several other veins drain into this one.

Pressure Points:

Above the elbow joint- jab using the hilt of the sword (temporary paralyzes of limb)

Forarm- jab using the hilt of the sword (stun them. Low bleeding)

3.) Chiburi: The weapon is always kept in a low position. This house is the art of fighting and blocking from down to up, always slashing at an upwards angle instead of coming down or striking by curving the blade side to side. It is an awkward style the fighter must learn to feel comfortable using. One hand is always placed behind the hilt in a block formation, the pointed edge always facing outwards. This is so when the blade comes up it will slash without the need for turning or adjusting the blade. For defensive moves, it is not used to block but to rather repel or deflect the opponent’s sword into a different position while retaliating in the same manner. Speedy movements, extreme accuracy. Low stance, and decent time reaction. Affective sword guard.

Chudan- One single movement, affective with a shyunpo, particularly against hollows. Slicing underhand, cutting your opponent in half.

Batto – Same form of attack, used in place for fighters who are in a bind. While arms and legs may be tied or restrained, the fighter must inhibit their body in such a way to bend back, countering the blade to follow and ultimately breaking the bind. This however, varies on the level of the bind used and the level of experience of the fighter. (Meaning someone who just graduated cannot get out of a third seat’s bind. Common sense!) It requires a great deal of concentration, flexibility and a certain amount of physical strength.

Seite- Defense. The only time the blade or bokken is brought up, directed straight out in front of the body or over the body, using both hands it is spun at the very end of the hilt at extreme speeds creating a funnel. Used to deflect objects, long distance attacks, and some kidous. Better related to a ceiling fan. This style can be used correctly with proper speed and timing. Perfect wrist and movements are required. For intermediate to advanced users. Skill level will vary.

Shunpo - Shihou

A quick description as to what the two techniques are:
Shunpo (Flash Step) - A technique used by advanced Shinigami that allows one's self to travel considerable distances in short amounts of time.
Shihou (Every Direction) - Considered the master technique of Shunpo it is believed that this ability has 4 separate stages. However since it has been lost to the Shinigami in our RP no one really is sure. During the use of this ability the user can at times appear to be in multiple places at the same time or seem to vanish after being stabbed with no damage.
Shunshin: People often mistake this for being Shihou or some other shynpou related ability. I cannot stress how wrong this is. Shunshin is the title given to the fastest person it roughly translates as god of flash or goddess of flash. It is the ex-2nd division's nickname as used in the manga. Feel free to google this and check the manga I did to get this info. So please NEVER bring it up thank you.

Shunpo types:

General Type Shunpo:
This shunpo is used by most Shinigami and involves a balanced mixture of physical and Reiatsu power. By bracing certain points in the shingiami’s body and then reinforcing those with Reiatsu the Shinigami can propel themselves at a much higher speed than is normal.
A Shinigami must first brace their body like a runner at the start of a race. Though they don’t have to be crouched they must dig their feet in and use Reiatsu in the bottom of their feet to grip hard for the push off.
Next they must reinforce the muscles in their legs so that they can maximise the propulsion of their body. The final step is to create a very thin layer of Reiatsu before them like a plough, this way they can minimise the air resistance by being aero dynamic and maximise the speed over the distance propelled.
By releasing a sudden burst of Reiatsu through their body at the same time as pushing off with their Reiatsu imbued legs and feet they launch themselves (Note not run) over the required distance. Most of these stages are covered in the academy and are used by Shinigami in various ways.
Due to the explosive propulsion of the style, it is more the control and ability to learn the distances and refine where you land that is the hardest part. Many Shinigami have been known to fly into walls when first starting out.
Power Chart requirements:
Skill positions: N/A
Power Rank: 5th Seat
Time to learn Ability: One week for each segment that must be learned. 3 in total
Time to Master Ability: One further week on top of the previous time.
Over all time taken to Master General Shunpo = Four weeks

Type Shunpo: Sekkaku
With great training, and control, the user tenses their muscles to their extreme breaking points, then, uses the spring of releasing the tension to fling themselves in the direction they are moving.
Pros: requires absolutely no reiatsu to use, meaning there is no flaring of reiatsu. and it can be used when reiatsu is sapped away.
Cons: it requires muscle strength, so if the muscle is unusable, or the user is exhausted, it cant be used. Also, it takes longer to prepare the movement, as the requirements for use cant be maintained at all times.
Rules: Physical strength. Any user for this ability must focus on physical ability. Reiatsu and kidou focused individuals cannot use this movement style, their bodies cant take the pressure.
Power Chart requirements:kidou, and reiatsu control must be 2 of your bottom 3 stats.
Can start learning between 4th and 5th seat level, but mastery takes a long time. And constant use is not managable at lower levels.
Skill positions: kidou, and reiatsu control must be in the bottom 3.
Power Rank: 5th Seat
Time to learn Ability: must train for 3 weeks for it to be usable in battle.
1 week to train the muscles and skin to take the strain
1 week to learn to tense the muscles.
1 week to learn to use the tensions release to move.
Time to Master Ability: 1 more week of training to make it usable in battle. Mastery is constant training and use. all speed abilities improve with the shinigami using them.
Over all time taken to Master General Shunpo = 4 weeks

Reiatsu Speciality Type Joutou Munashii (Void Jump):
This Shunpo is the basic ability taught by the current 12th Taichou to similar ability Shinigami. It relies largely on Reiatsu and its manipulation.
To begin with the technique shares some common threads with the basic style. The Shinigami must build up Reiatsu throughout her body and stick their feet to the ground with it. They must then brace themselves before in an instant doing several steps.
First they must form a tunnel in a second between them and the point they wish to land. This tunnel is made up of very thin Reiatsu and can be easily destroyed but since it only exists for a mere moment that does not really matter.
Next the Shinigami must brace Reiatsu behind them to push them forward as they push off. At the same moment they must reject the air within the tunnel creating a second of void between them and the other side.
This should take mere seconds however due to the difficulty it is the hardest to learn and also the most draining. The up side is that it is slightly faster than the normal shunpo thanks to rejecting all resistances.
Power Chart requirements:
Skill Positions: Reiatsu Manipulation must be in the top two positions.
Power Rank: 5th Seat
Time to Learn Ability: Three Weeks to learn divided up for each segment that must be learned.
Time to Master Ability: Two further weeks to master this shunpo onto of the normal time.
Over all time taken to master Joutou Munashii = Five Weeks
These Fighting styles are used, and submitted by RP members. If the original user is an active member, please ask them, before using their style.
If the creating member is no longer active, or you are unsure, please ask a GM

Name: Baguaz-Ryu (Dragon Palm)
Submitted by: Raven Eyes
General Notes:
This Style uses reiatsu control, mixed with hakuda. In order to learn, and use this style, Hakuda, and Reiatsu control must be in your top 3 stats. In order to fully master this style, They must be the top 2.
1. When striking with the fist, more power can be exerted when the users Reiatsu originates from the feet, is guided by the waist, flows through the body, and exits through the fist/palm.
2. Leg work is characterized by a zig-zag or "Dragon stepping" motion that mimics the imagined movement of the mythical Chinese dragon.
3. Press stepping. In this method the front foot moves forward and the rear foot drags up to get back to the basic position. This stepping generally covers less distance than the Dragon stepping, and is used to press the opponent and keeping the opponent within distance to attack.
1. The practice of circle walking, or "turning the circle" is the Baguaz-Ryu characteristic method of stance and movement training. For a beginner the circle is six to twelve feet in diameter.Students first learn flexibility and proper body alignment through the basic exercises, then move on to more complex forms and internal power mechanics.
2. The user will train until their movements employ the whole body with smooth coiling and uncoiling actions, utilizing hand techniques, dynamic footwork, and throws. Rapid-fire movements draw energy from the center of the abdomen. The circular stepping pattern also builds up centripetal force, allowing the practitioner to maneuver quickly around an opponent.
Main Attacks:
1. Pi-ryu (Metal Dragon) entangles opponent with rotation around the wrist, elbow or shoulder to break or dislocate.
2. Zuan-ryu (Water Dragon) Using the palm/fist, elbow, or shoulder to push opponent with the users reiatsu.
3. Beng-ryu (Wood Dragon) It begins with one foot rising upward as in a crescent kick. The upward arc motion is stopped, and then the attacking foot is lowered, putting the users reiatsu behind the attack increases the damage output. (Ax Kick)
4. Pao-ryu (Fire Dragon) The technique involves bringing the rear leg forward to feign a kick, then snapping the leg back while throwing a cross, resulting in greater power behind the punch. known as a Cobra punch.
5. Heng-ryu (Earth Dragon) is similar to the front knee except that it does not use a forward thrusting motion, but is instead rotated from the outside.
Advanced Attacks:
1. Cielo-ryu (Sky Dragon) Combo: Starts with an upwards palm thrust to launch the opponent into the air, then a double palm thrust downwards.
2. Meteoro-ryu (Meteor Dragon) A downwards, double knee strike from ubove.
3. Cascada-ryu (Waterfall Dragon) Combo: Starts with a one, two upwards palm thrust, then frontflip and attack with a downward kick.
Baguaz-Ryu Motto:
"Control yourself, let others do what they will.
This does not mean you are weak.
Control your heart, obey the principles of life.
This does not mean others are stronger."
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