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Anira Kuja Sashin10

The Soul

Name: Anira Kuja

Age: 121 years of Age. 17 Appearance of Age

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B+

Reiatsu Colour: Transcendent Blue


The Flesh

Anira Kuja

Anira Kuja is an average girl. She is of average height for her age at around 167cms. Perhaps among the girls she would be a tad higher but her height is nothing to brag. Her thick and long brown hair is a notable feature. Those who know her either look out for it or use as a lighthouse to keep away from her. Her hair is kept long and sometimes un-kept, reaching above her waist with her fringe and sides extending past eyes and shoulders respectively. As per usual for girls her age, she shows a growth in her bust. They aren't humongous like some delusional girls wish them to be, her bulge if you will is what is expected of girls her age. Her waist however has developed past girls her age, having a wider birth but not in unnatural proportions. Her body appearance is considered borderline slim from skinny sporting smooth skin and the tenacity expected of youth.

Anira always seems to have this half scowl about her face. Most mistake her as a bad tempered individual but that is simply how she looks. Her facial expression is closer to indifference but people tend to misinterpret it. Her eyes were left for last, perhaps the most striking feature about her. Her naturally thick eye lines and dark borders have always given her a sense of maturity and mystery. But its their colors that really make them 'different'. Their striking colors of yellow greatly remember that of a hollow and often people will stare at her eyes in confusion. Some find it mesmerizing while others find it as another reason to keep their distance from her.

Height: 167cms.

Hair color: Dark Mousy Brown Hair

Eye color: Striking Yellow

Notable features: Anira's Yellow eyes perhaps are the most striking features. Some call it sickly, some call it mesmerizing. The fact she shares the same eye color as the hollows distinguishes her from her peers.


The Heart


Anira's Personality is described often as withdrawn. This does accurately describe her. Most view her as an introvert who prefers her own space and stops at nothing to stomp down those who meddle with her. Though this is true it is only partly. She is simply withdrawn from many of her peers. A lot having to do with the persecution she receives due to her eyes being yellow. Her trust in those around her is small, choosing to rather believe in herself and only herself unless proven otherwise. It is not a matter of someone being trust worthy but if they are reliable. Trust will come more towards someone who is stronger and those who are able to hold their own. But Anira does also have trust issues, jumping first to see if her peers have ulterior motives.

Her speech can be cold, a self defensive habit she picked up. Children and even adults say the meanest things. To rise above her alienation Anira always spat her own venom and practiced cold shoulders more times than a season turned leaves. But she is no ungrateful bastard. Kindness is repaid in her own strange ways and even Anira knows how to smile and enjoy time with friends as rare as they come.

Anira is strong willed, often breaking her body first before her mind. With her smallish stature she has broken opponents bigger and stronger than herself. She has no inborn talent or any prodigal skills. In fact in her earlier years she was considered unskilled and without talent. Pointed fingers boiled to hatred and hatred was converted to motivation. Day by day she burned herself of her anger, pursuing in pure effort to better those born with the skill.

Likes: Quiet, Cold Drinks, Open Minded people, food.

Dislikes: General Noise, Loud People, Sour Foods, unskilled teachers.


The Tale


Anira wasn't born in the lawless districts of Rukongai nor was she born in the rich inner circle of the merchants. She was born around the middle rings. She was born originally sick, susceptible to fevers and strange cases of her spiritual signature dwindling. There were times when her parents wrestled for her life dilating her eyes from a normal dark brown to a striking yellow. However time passed and Anira grew. Sickness was common in the outer rings of Rukongai and soon sickness claimed her mother and sickness saw her father disappear without a trace. Some say he left for the inner rings in attempt at a better life. Anira impassively took the deal, many kids lived on the streets and Anira was one of them, simply just another brick in the wall.

With her strangely colored eyes she got more flak and persecution as an orphan. Kids chasing her and throwing rocks at her. Anira was no worm, she always fought back coming out on top more often than losing. She remembered at one point a mad women clad in black trying to exorcise the demon out of her eyes. She had watched in bemusement then but that was a long time ago. As she grew older Anira showed a gift of spiritual art, manifesting energy into balls of light or heated flames when angered. Her earlier decades were spent running around the streets in little gangs, gathering or stealing whatever food they could scrounge. She knew no equal then, she was faster and stronger and smarter than most people.

However she was a hazard, without proper training she was bound to be unstable and cause harm. There were many like her and these were rounded up and taken to the Academy in the center ring called the Gotei. Here she joined the Academy for children like herself. Anira quickly realized how weak she was that was she called talent and strength was really the bottom of the barrel. She was quickly proved to be weak and untalented and once again she was ridiculed for her weakness and strange eyes.

Pointed fingers boiled to hatred and hatred was converted to motivation. Day by day she burned herself of her anger, pursuing in pure effort to better those born with the skill. She hardened herself against the physical training and her need to sleep, breaking her body before her mind gave in. With sheer effort and perseverance she began to outclass her peers. In theory studies, in practice, in physical training in and out the dojo. She grew to be one of the note worthy students with her name always appearing in the top 10 names of the Academy. She still exists there, her training never pausing, graduation day is not her end point.

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