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 Kidou Rules

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PostSubject: Kidou Rules   Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:16 pm

If you are reading this far, excellent! you're almost done. This is a quick rundown of the rules of techniques in this rp. Namely Kidou. Now,

The physical attacks will be expanded upon in their respective registration form, kidou however has a set of rules attached to them.

What is Kidou: Kidou (Demon Magic) Is the summoning of a second energy form by use of Reiatsu, chants and symbols. The summoned energy can take the form of various powers, mostly it is elemental or physical manifestations i.e. Fire balls -> huge swords falling form the sky. Kidou is split into three parts, raw, Destructive and Binding. Raw is simply raw Kidou in its untamed state there is not much use for it unless the person is a highly skilled Kidou user. Destructive Kidou is simply kidou that destroys things. This takes the form of blasts, or AOE spells where the spell destroys what it hits or is captured within. Binding Kidou is as stated Kidou that binds. It takes on various forms including Elemental types and physical types. The primary power of Binding Kidou is not to kill the opponent but to suppress their movement or their powers leaving them defenseless.

First the time taken to learn spells: Spells 1-20 take 2 days to learn. 21-49 take 4 days. After level 50 the spells require 7 RL days to complete after level 70 they take 14 RL days to complete and 90+ as well as Taichou level abilities takes RL 4 weeks of study to complete. In each of these cases another 1 week RL time is required of training before a spell can be used without Chant. You can cast lvl 90 spells as long as you have Kidou in your top three BUT for each rank down from top it will take you another week to learn the spell so a lvl 90 spell which you would have to be a Taichou to learn anyway will take someone who has Kidou in their third Rank position it would take 6 weeks to learn and another 3 weeks to master (RL time scale)

The spells you can use are based on the principle of 1-50 unseated, 1-60 5th seat, 1-70 4th seat, 1-80 3rd seat, 1-90 Fuku-Taichou and finally 90+ for Taichou as long as you fulfill the above.

Also, if your character is creating a new kidou that is unique to them, the time for learning is essentially doubled and unique registration forms need to be filled out and accepted by one or more GM's.

Secondly Multi Casting: This was first properly noted in the bleach manga not so long ago and was classed as an Officer rank ability requiring the caster to chant two spells laced together so that they end at the same time and fired in short succession. For this reason to begin with you must have Kidou in your TOP 3 RANKS, then you must also be on 4th seat in the Power'S CHART to use this ability.

Thirdly Number of Spells cast in a post: This has changed with time and with questions asked and points made so i have kinda jumbled all the ideas together.

1st: if you have Kidou and Speed in your top 3 Rank skills OR have Shunpo (top three total of points for Students) You can move and cast in one post.

2nd: The Multi Casting rule above. You can move before you cast but not after. Also it is draining as you have just used double your reiatsu in one go with heightened concentration.

3rd: Chanting obviously the longer the chant the less you will be able to do in a post. For this reason chants if a caster must chant a spell (meaning they have not mastered it enough to do it without chant or it is not strong enough etc.) the move and cast only rule applies.

4th: If the chant is over lvl 50 it will take 2 posts to chant but you can still move in this time until the chant ends and you must aim and fire or what ever is necessary for movement.

Please note that some spells require to be stationary or in deep concentration to cast. For this reason obviously the above rules do not apply, always do as stated by the spell if your not sure then observe these above rules as a guide. Remember you can still move unless otherwise stated so don't think that you are being out done by close combat fighters. Using Kidou is a tactical fighting style where you must outwit your opponent, if you don't think you can manage this i would suggest choosing something other than Kidou as your characters main three abilities.
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Kidou Rules
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