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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
Hello to all the Guests currently browsing. I challenge you all to pop by and say Hello. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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The Soul

Name: Takezo Murata (Leo)

Age: 257 : Appears 21

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O

Reiatsu Colour: Crimson


The Flesh

Takezo Murata (Leo) SamuraiDeeperKyo

Appearance: Takezo is a physical specimen, beneath his loose clothing is a well define, muscular body.  Honed by his occupation as a bodyguard. His size serves him well, and can be intimidating for some. As of late, he wears loose clothing to conceal this and make himself more approachable.  Typically he wears his hair short and unkept, but has recently taken to wearing his hair longer down to his shoulders.

As a student, Takezo wears his top open, exposing his bandaged torso. These conceal his many scars of working as a bodyguard within his home in District 80. His left arm appears normal, however it is gray in color and shares similar properties to that of steel. This too is hidden underneath a layer of bandages.

With no covering, Takezo’s body is a mass of scarred tissue, which is why he takes special care to keep himself covered while in the company of others.

Height: 6'4"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Crimson

Notable features: odd crimson colored eyes, bandaged right arm. physique.

The Heart

Personality: Due to traumatic events form his past, Takezo has developed two distinct personalities. At times they are nigh imperceptible at others they are very distinct.

Takezo is a pacifist at heart, he would rather find a peaceful solution to problems that come his way, but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when necessary. Simply put, he isnt the first one to throw a punch. He's a largely goofy individual, playing the fool more often than not. While he may act in such a manner, he has his moments of seriousness that shine through when the situation calls for it. Takezo is the type of person that people can generally get along with, even if they find themselves annoyed by his antics.

Leo is his other personality, and is a far different individual fromt he happy go lucky Takezo. He is a violent person, resorting to action over diplomacy when he deems necessary. He is a stoic, serious person and while not abrasive or difficult to get along with, its hard to feel as if friendship is reciprocated. He enjoys fighting for fighting's sake, needing very little to justify its use. While not neccisarily a bad person, he is known for being cruel to his enemies, even if he follows his own personal code of honor. If Takezo is the embodiment of the positive aspects of his mind, then Leo embodies the negative.

Likes: Alcohol, Tobacco, Apples, Women, Puns, Money, non-stuck up individuals.

Dislikes: bitter candy, bad jokes, extremely confrontational people. Ultra-serious types.


The Tale


Takezo grew up in the rough and tumble districts in the outer ring of the Rukongai, an area that was vastly left to its own devices by the Seireitei simply due to its relative population density and inhabitants. Adopted by his new family while he was still young, Takezo grew up helping them make ends meet as he could, not only by working where and when he could, but by theft when necessary.

Years flew by, and his adoptive brothers and sisters matured into adulthood as his parents grew into the elderly. The realization that the young adults had developed spiritual energy put a strain on the family, as food's scarcity increased its overall price, and its likely hood to be stolen if stored for any period of time. This forced Takezo to take more dangerous work such as acting as a bodyguard. He quickly rose to prominence in his profession, using his physical gifts and newfound control of his spiritual energy to great effect that made him highly sought after as a protector despite his personality.

Years passed by in this manner, as Takezo accumulated more wealth to move his family into an area closer to the Seireitei, and thus find a better, safer place to live and work. Until one day, Takezo came home to his family after a particularly challenging job only to find them being attacked by a hollow, the amount of spiritual energy in one spot so far from the Seireitei had become a beacon to their kind, a far to easy meal to pass up on. The family had little fighting experience outside of Takezo, and thus became easy prey.

Having foughtthe hardest, Takezo was forced to watch as his family as tortured and devoured one by one in front of him before the hollow turned its attention towards him. Before the Hollow could finish, it was forced to retreat by a contingent of Shinigami responding to the threat, albeit far to late to save the rest of his family.

The experience left Takezo a broken man, emotionally and physically shattered. It took months for his body to mend with the help of the locals he provided for, but years for his mind to piece itself back together, forgetting what had happened to his family, and the development of his two personalities.

Now, having recovered fully. He has been enrolled in the Shinigami Academy after showing his latent talent and spritual energy.

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