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The Soul

Name: Pluto Rikudo (Shinryu Jin)

Age: 310 Looks 25

Gender: Male

Blood Type:AB

Reiatsu Colour: Dark Red


The Flesh

Credits to the owner of the OC character. I do not own the picture being depicted as my character.
Pluto/Shinryu Jin Done Fdd2d9b5714b53526fcb41fed04f7c66-d5bd9ek

Appearance: Time certainly hasn't done Pluto Rikudou any favors, since the man still now stands at 6'3 inches tall. His height has remained the same over the years that went by. But his height is not so important, as its not his only defining feature. As a member of the 2nd Division, Pluto or Shinryu Jin as he is known to a few. The Shinigami have taken the time to adopt his attire so that it resembles that of a 2nd Division Shinigami. Pluto has crimson red eyes, long white spiky hair. His eyes gives him a cold hard stare especially when they're the main features of his face that you can now see.

The man now wears a black mask, that only covers the bottom half of his face. Namely his nose and mouth, thus adding more to the mysterious and reclusive nature of the Shinigami. Pluto's Shihakushō has changed somewhat over time, now having a hood attached to it. One that the man often wears up, in order to cover his head. Of course, several locks from his white mane like hair hangs out of this hood.

The Shinigami now have a set of tattoos of both upper arms. And on each hand, the man sports a pair of black gloves, with what seems like armor designed for parrying weapons. The Shinigami also sports a white obi sash around his waste. His Zanapakuto is often worn across his back, or diagonally across his lower back. It all depends on the mood of the Shinigami and how he decides to go about things. Pluto also sports a pair of black Hakama, that has the length of his garments tucked away inside his black tabi boots. On other occasions, the Shinigami may choose a more casual look as far as sporting his Hakama is concerned.

Height: 6'3

Hair color: White

Eye color: Crimson

Notable features: Handsome Face, Crimson Eyes and White spiky Hair


The Heart

Personality: Pluto is more or less a recluse than anything else whose visage was designed to mislead others. A solitary Shinigami, that prefers to be alone by nature and is very secretive in everything that he does. Shunning all others unless he requires something from them and as a result he picks and chooses who he befriends. Rikudou’s facade will normally give the impression of a totally different person. This of course depends on the moment and the type of situation that you came across him in. The Shinigami is also very witty and calculative, rational, observant and cool headed.

The man can also be the exact opposite with his merciless persona which comes to life during battle. Pluto is ruthless in the sense that it becomes second nature to him when backed into a corner. Knowing this much about himself the Shinigami will shy away from exploring his unforgiving nature. This reluctant part of his nature can lead to the man being hesitant and indecisive. Such a trait comes as a result of Pluto not wanting to show his true self to others. There are quite a few situations in which Pluto demonstrates this to others. The Shinigami will go as far as not wanting to show off his abilities to others.

Behind it all, there is another person hidden, almost as if two beings have occupied one living vessel. It is said that the Pluto today is not the same person as he was a few decades ago. A truly complex individual, whom may have gone as far as incorporating someone else's persona into his own. Almost as if he is living his own life and at the same time, trying to carry on that of someone else that has passed away. Despite these complexities, the man does enjoy the finer things in life. Such as the company and companionship of the opposite sex. He is also not adverse to showing a more playful side to his persona. Something which may often come as a surprise to many. Pluto is considered a secret perv, but this does not define him. He is a hard worker, always seeking ways in which to improve himself and those around him. The man doesn't like to lose, but also knows when he's beaten. He takes pride in himself and his duties as a Shinigami.


The occasional Drink


Feeling weak
Being Hungry
Unnecessary noise

The Tale

History: Pluto, is the name taken on by this mysterious young man. It is said that he took on the name in memory of his best friend who past away. not much is known about his origin. Except that he lived a life mainly filled with grief and despair. A life in which one has to be aware of his surroundings, as it could easily mean the difference between life and death. He comes across as a very reserved but cunning person. He's quick witted if the situation fits it. Pluto also never had any experience in the human world, he was born in Rukongai. Where he grew up, in one of the poorest districts there is. After his friend died, he decided to become a Soul Reaper. He desires power, but what motivates him have yet to be seen. He is the only survivor from his family. They were attacked by hollows, in which Jin now known as Pluto lost his family.

The Shinigami began his quest for strength at the Shinigami Academy with the intentions of becoming stronger. There he met quite a few Shinigami, some who have become comrades. And some who have at times been rivals or an obstacle for him to overcome. During his time at the Shinigami Academy Pluto tried his best to hone his skills to the best of his abilities. Like most the man knew he had what most would call potential. Something that can be explored with enough practice and that’s what Pluto opted for. The Shinigami also came across a man that is now his rival more than anything. A friend and yet still an enemy when the situation calls for it. Another Shinigami by the name of Cipher Janza, along with a young woman called Kiyame. As a fledgling Shinigami the crimson eyed man got involved in quite a few missions one of which was a Mission to the realm of the Humans. It was in this realm that Pluto had one of his first real experiences fighting against Hollows. The Shinigami was just a pawn like the younger generation of the other Shinigamis. But Pluto took the time to observe and learn more about fighting against a common enemy. This Mission to the Realm of the Humans ended well with Pluto defeating what most would call small fries.

The Fledgling felt proud of his accomplishments regardless of what the others think. Shortly after his mission to the Human World, Pluto was now eligible for graduation from the Academy. Pluto went on a mission of self discovery and it was during this mission that he came across a friend. Perhaps just a friend was incorrect since the man had discovered so much more. Pluto’s Zanapakuto spirit which is known to him as Reika had a brief encounter with the man. After taking another step to becoming a full fledge Shinigami. Pluto soon joined the Rokubantai which was undergoing a few changes at the time. But not even that could stop him from trying to reach his goals which fits well with his personality. Constantly training and pushing further and further. Pluto was soon given the opportunity to prove his worth on the grounds of Central 46. A war had broken out, one that could have shifted the natural balance. It was during this time that Pluto had discovered something new about him. It came in the form of his Shikai which added even more to his confidence as a Shinigami. A nasty beast was the Shinigami’s foe, a creature that Pluto had dubbed the ‘Cyclops’. It was Pluto’s toughest battle that he was apart of at the time. But with pride and strength along with determination, the man did overcome his opponent. However the fight against another spirit showed just how much he was lacking in strength. The battle had Central 46 came to a bloody end. Pluto withdrew himself from the frontlines after doing his part in order to heal his injuries. With the battle of Central 46 still fresh in his mind Pluto began working more closely with his Zanapakuto. After a few intense training sessions, Pluto had discovered one of the most basic things about his blade. To Be Continued.

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