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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
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Izanami • Kaonashi 2nro4u9

The Soul

Name: Izanami | Kaonashi

Age: 219

Gender: F

Blood Type: AB-

Reiatsu Colour: Hues of Violet and Black


The Flesh

Izanami • Kaonashi ScUKYAj0BWo

Appearance: Izanami -- more commonly referring herself as "Kaonashi" [No Face] whilst her mask is on -- stands at a solid 5'8'', platformed geta raising her height by another three inches. Weight remains at a consistent 98 lbs, making her very light for her size, and rather ghostly for all that it gives. Skin remains at a light olive, whilst her hair is grown out long and past her knees in a cloak of black tresses, kept under control by a pair of red decorative chopsticks and a series of ribbons and bands.

Height: 5'8''

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Violet

Notable Features: A mask is almost always worn over her face, leaving her true looks rather rare to see from others. She has a second, large mouth at her stomach around where her bellybutton would be; This mouth is easier to conceal so long as it remains shut. She can eat things through it rather than the mouth behind her mask, which leaves it unnecessary for her to take it off during meals.


The Heart

Izanami acts with a compulsive mannerism when the mask is on as opposed to when the mask is off. Whilst she refers to herself as Koanashi, she is composed, she is regal in her way of carrying herself, and she prefers to allow Inu to deal with her problems for her instead of getting involved directly. She prefers observation, quieter methods to past the time, and eating sweets to satisfy that stomach of hers.

Now...when the mask comes off. Izanami speaks instead, with a plethora of emotions that can be seen without need to try. She can be excessive, she can be extremely angry, she can be passionate, essentially everything that she isn't when the mask is on. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and it can be all the more terrifying when considering how easily she can switch between these two "modes" with a mere object to obscure her face from those around her.

Beware ensnaring the heart of one that shares a name with a ruthless Goddess. Izanami under the guise of her mask is creepy on her own, frequenting the activity of stalking the object of her affections. Regardless of where they go. And attempting to display general shows of care through small things such as sharing one of her beloved sweets or providing a blanket when it is cold.

Izanami however, is easier to anger and force that mask off once she has become obsessed with someone. Under genuine threat or injury of the one she cares for, the mask comes off and she will be under the most hideous combination of jealousy and rage. Morals shut off at that point, with the defining need to keep what she wants in her hands and away from anything that wants it instead. In rare events where she might take her mask off without combat being involved, she's more likely to find the apple of her eye and attempt to kidnap them. Bind them up, drag them to her room, keep them with her for a while...It's better that way.~

Just one last note, that's all that needs to be said. Whether she's acting sweet and innocent or enraged and jealous to hell, Izanami does not care for personal space once she's obsessed with that certain someone. Taking a shower? She'll be there with the towel. Run off for the night to go to bed? She'll be knocking on the window to say goodnight. Hanging around people that might make her seem like the bad guy? Who knows, you could get a message with her screaming of the "betrayal" that came with injuries that match up fairly well to the weapon of that supposed "perpetrator"...

Yomotsu-Inu • Masks • Foreign Food • Musics • Mochi

Inconsideration • Ignorance • Incompetence • Irritations


The Tale

History: What was the end? Or rather, did an end mean a beginning? Irony to the highest degree, and it came in the form of a one-sided love. Human life began with a family that was always arguing over something: the dog, the bills, the school grades, the money issues, etc. A normal life that ended up with her lonely and without many friends thanks to an overprotective mother. What time she could manage was the sanctuary she had where she could be around other people in her school. And that was the best thing in the world for her-

Ah. Look. A throb of the heart.

That throb of the heart that only came from falling in love hopelessly -- that was the reason to keep going to school and trying her best. Learning how to cook for but a fellow classmate that she'd come to want in her life. And she tried, and she tried, to make him notice her and to visibly express the excessive care that she had for him. But rather than have it taken in a warm, positive manner...

"Stop looking at me like that. Your eyes are freakish. You keep showing up everywhere I go. Just...stop talking to me."

Words that only resulted in her heart breaking without a chance.


It's a scary thing, how the heart can hurt so much.

The end of a simple, lonely human life came in a daze. Embarrassed, she'd tried to hide her face behind a mask that she'd bought on her way home. Hurt, she didn't notice something so trivial as a truck driving at a speed just too far above the limit for the street. Dazed, she didn't feel the crumbling of her body as it hit her head-on, unable to stop and unable to turn.


Death came with a bittersweet release. Waking up to an entirely other world, but without memory of what occurred. Only the throbbing pain in her chest and the compulsive need to cover her face. The mask that she woke up with was the same one that she'd died with -- and it acted as her safe place as she adjusted to the like of Rukongai. She didn't have a name -- not a name she remembered. But she had a name that could explain this pain. This feeling of needing to hide her face.

Izanami. Like the woman that was left to herself after death, she took up the name as a chance reading of it came to her one day. And with that came the sight of the man that made the throbbing in that chest of hers cease as she saw him. White hair, red eyes, a mask to cover his face...

She had to get to him.

And that was the compulsion that prompted her joining of the Academy as she had stalked glanced him walking into. She would...have to show somehow that she cared.

That's right. Izanami would have to make this man realize that she merely wanted him to know that she'd fallen for him on sight. That wasn't such a bad thing, was it?


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Sorry Jin.

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