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 Yomotsu-Inu Possibly Finished.

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PostSubject: Yomotsu-Inu Possibly Finished.   Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:16 pm


The Soul




Blood Type:O+

Reiatsu Colour:Black and Red.


The Flesh

Appearance:He's a tall being, wearing a black and silver mask. He wears his uniform, but under it he wears a skin tight suit. He has two gloves on, each one going up his arms. Both are covered in spikes, giving him a good defense against beings who prefer hand to hand combat instead of weapons. His cape, torn and shredded at the bottom, serves to show how he has survived battles before.


Hair color:Black

Eye color: Dull Silver

Notable features:Wears a collar with Izanami's name on it.

The Heart

Personality: He's a silent being, but a strong one. He tends not to speak, but listens with great care. He's like a shadow, watching over Izanami at almost all times, serving as her watcher and protector. He almost never leaves her side. He's a loyal being, shown in how he only truely answers to Izanami. He will listen to others, but if Izanami tells him to do something, more times then not, he will do it, even if it contradicts orders from above.

Likes:Pizza, Izanami, beings who tell the truth, long walks in the moonlight on the beach.

Dislikes: Fish, people who lie, other things.


The Tale

History:He should have told her when they were alive.

Should have saved her from the womanizer that his older brother was. Should have led her down a better path.

He couldn't save her from him then. He couldn't keep her heart safe. So he promised her that he wouldn't let her be hurt again. Yomotsu met Izanami through his older brother, a very... Cold hearted womanizer. A man who played with others feelings for his own benefits. He should have told her, should have warned her. But he didn't. He could tell that Izanami liked his brother, but his brother was using her. Yomotsu, however, fell for her himself. But he couldn't bring himself to tell her that. He didn't know what to do. That was his mistake. He could have helped her, could have saved her. But he didn't. After a while though, Izanami started to care for him, watching over him and being with him. His older brother never noticed. He was too busy doing other things. Letting other girls chase him. When Izanami found out, it broke her heart. He couldn't save her. But he could protect her. When he found out, he took his brother's life, to make sure no one else would die because of him.

He took his own life to make sure his brother would never find Izanami. Never hurt her. Never touch her.

And on that day, he became her guard dog.  When he found her again, he became her shadow.

His purpose in life?

Follow Izanami. Through life. Through death. And do what he couldn't do in life: protect her. Making sure it would never happen again. His brother had disgraced his family. He needed to make sure it never happened again. When her life came to an end, so did his. He gave his promise to protect her when his life came to a halt in the mortal world. That promise carried over, and now he still protects her. He is her eternal companion, her loyal pet. Now, he is a Shinigami, who's true purpose is to protect Izanami from anyone like his brother again. He travels with her, and keeps her safe. And as such, he is at the Academy with her. He is Yomotsu-Inu.

"If she is the Goddess of the Underworld by name, then I am her Guard Dog. And I bite hard."

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PostSubject: Re: Yomotsu-Inu Possibly Finished.   Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:12 am


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Yomotsu-Inu Possibly Finished.
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