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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
Hello to all the Guests currently browsing. I challenge you all to pop by and say Hello. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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Minstrel; The Support 3rX2Nw

~The Wandering Musician~
fill┈━═☆═━┈ fill

The Soul

Name: (Real unknown) Minstrel
Age: About 150
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB -
Reiatsu Colour: Light Blue, white outlining.

fill┈━═☆═━┈ fill

The Flesh


Minstrel is a woman lithe -- she's smaller than other women of the Norwegian ethnicity, traits she take from her mother's side. The clothing style mimics what her mother was like -- a tinkerer, someone who played with clocks. A steampunkish-style blouse and jacket, while her skirt was of the black frill and lace. Dark enough that no one could see underneath, even if she didn't have the black leggings under them. Followed by boots that belong in construction or to the Goths. She does wear a loose tie and bracelets, along with an earring on the left ear that's consistent of about four different ones, all linked together by beaded chains, and at the top is a piece that hooks into the groove of the ear, holding on only by the fact that it was made to fit her ear.
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Raven Black; little tints of blues and reds could be seen in the light, much like raven wings
Eye Color: A golden yellow, almost like a cat's.
Notible Features: The most notible features on her body is first the tattoos of shilouettes of a small flock of birds on her left shoulder-blade, then a scar of three scratches that runs in a slant from her left hip to the mid-back to the right just below the shoulder-blade. The cut that caused her death.

fill┈━═☆═━┈ fill

The Heart



She refuses to talk. No one can really exactly tell why -- she simply doesn't talk, despite the humming and the occasional laughter that could be heard from her. Otherwise, the woman mostly speaks with either her violin a notepad and quill that she brings with her everywhere she goes.


While she doesn't speak often, her empathy for the division that she's subtracted into makes her a vulnerable target. Not only does she refuse to fight, she only knows how to play music. An ability that's strong enough that it allows her now to give 'buffs' to her division. PErhaps even heal them. But outside of the privacy of her division, she keeps a metaphorical mask on, rendering her face void of expressions, as long as she can hold a full concentration.

Likes: Cookies, playing her violin, staying up late, the moon, meadows, stew, bacon.
Dislikes: Incompetence, annoyances, too-loud people, her violin being messed with. Now that's just a no-no.

fill┈━═☆═━┈ fill

The Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with black hair, a father with fair hair, and a mother that looks more like an older version of the adult form of her daughter. The little girl stared at an owl that was in a tree, pained. She tugged on her daddy's hand and asked: "Can we save it daddy?"

"Yes, my child. But it'll be yours once you save it. Take care of it." He replied in a kind voice.

And so the owl was named Minstrel. The owling found itself becoming attatched to the girl, and they grew up together. But it was also because of the owl that while chasing the owl down a lane, to bring it back to its cage, she was attacked by a bear. Apparently, she had come too close to her cubs, later come to find. The slashes across her back were the killing blow that wrought her from her human life, and into another. Better? Perhaps, perhaps not. But she took on the name of the Owl that she had for so many years, refusing to tell others her real name.

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