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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
Hello to all the Guests currently browsing. I challenge you all to pop by and say Hello. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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 Susano of House Shisaragi

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PostSubject: Susano of House Shisaragi    Susano of House Shisaragi  EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 1:51 pm

Susano of House Shisaragi  2nro4u9

   The Soul

  Name: Susano'o Shisaragi


   Gender: Male

   Blood Type: AB

   Reiatsu Colour: Red with a white hue


The Flesh

   Susano of House Shisaragi  Predator_by_kagehukari-d3bseq1


Susano has a silver-gray shiny hair color with a nice skinned tone. He has glossy purple-pink eyes that shine in any light that make him stick out. Susano is rather tall and buff for his size and likes to wear black. Susano likes to wear japanese style button up shirts with a black button up shirt under it with a white shirt underneath that and two think sheets of dark blue steel on his arms which look like gloves. He has black loose pirate like pants on with black boots to match. He has a weird collar attached to his japanese like flower shirt tho. With a white scarf around his neck. Susano is known for his signature smile and the way he talks to people. Susano has some black streaks in his hair that are piercing black once in the sun light but in the night they are just plain like someone put paint in Susano's hair. Susano has a thing for these 2 white gloves that stay on his hands no matter were he goes and they seem to never get dirty, he also likes to wear pendant around his neck that has a weird symbol that is believed to symbolize peace and prosperity but is actually the Shisaragi crest.

   Height: 6 Foot Even

   Hair color: Silver

   Eye color: Hot Pink

   Notable features: Scar over left eye, Noble Scarf


   The Heart


Susano is a rather nice individual. He seems to take kind to people easily but doesn't trust them just the same. He has grown into not being able to trust what he is told for various reasons through his life. At this very moment he doesn't trust many people. He is considered smart by most of his pairs like beyond his age smart. Mainly in a scholastic sense. His battle smarts aren't as great but they are decent. He seems to take kind to the world but knows of its harsh nature. His view on respect ranges from individual to individual. He feels some deserve it and some don't. He commonly judges how he greets people off their actions. He might even crack a joke or two, Might even ignore them. It all ranges off of what he sees from them as a person. Normally he respects his elders mainly to keep his family happy but he does have some kind of respect for them considering how far they made it in this cruel world that hasn't been easy for most. Believe it or not he holds a high sense of respect for those who move on up to the higher guards because he feels they worked for that and they deserve it in full. Hopefully he makes it there one day himself. The only person Susano really cares for is his cat Yin.

   Likes: Learning, Training, The Academy, Development

   Dislikes: Bitterness, Ignorance, Seafood, Criminals.


   The Tale


Born on a beautiful thunderstorm was the fate of a baby born to the Shisaragi family. As his mother gave birth to him a man looked on from a dark corner. The baby was born as a thunderbolt struck right outside. He smiled to this and did not cry as he was born. This was a weird baby for sure. He clapped at the sound of lightning and smiled at the site of his own blood. The young baby still in the arms of his mother looked over to a picture of his older brother and stopped smiling. His eyes started glowing and he would begin crying. For some reason his brothers sight brought tears to the young ones eyes. He would fall on to the bed and continue screaming.

Once home the young prospect was enjoying life with his mother and father who was rarely around. His brother was never around either. It was rare for him to actually meet his older brother but the odd times he did meet his brother he learned more and more about the shinigami life especially from his brothers view. The man was sadistic to the max and had no problem expressing this. The young boy from the age of 2 knew he wanted to be like his brother. He wanted to be a powerful shinigami.
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Susano of House Shisaragi
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