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 Janza, the Broken Soul

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PostSubject: Janza, the Broken Soul   Janza, the Broken Soul EmptySat Apr 18, 2015 6:10 am

The Soul

Name:  ???? Goes by Janza
Age:  Unkown
Gender:  Male
Blood Type:  O
Reiatsu Color:  It is blue with a gray tint normally, but it sometimes has moments were a blackish red moves through it.

The Body

Appearance:  Janza was a mystery, even to himself, an idea perpetuated by his look.  Even his appearance was a bit of a mystery.  A close inspection of his body, an extremely close inspection that still would have trouble, several interesting scars would be seen.  One was a scar directly over his heart.  Another hard to see scar extends from his left shoulder to his right hip.  Three more scars sit under his hair with two to the sides, and one on top.  One slight one sits right on the middle of his forehead.  The last of his hardly discernible scars adorn the tops of his feed, curvy ones on both sides of his hands, and v-shaped ones on both hips.

Why are the scars hard to see?  Perhaps it had been a long while since the marks were left on his body.  Maybe they weren't meant to be heavy scars for whatever reason.  Or, maybe, just maybe it was due to the massive sprawling scrawling tattoos covering nearly his entire body.  Not many people ever saw them, and they didn't take any real shapes, but they did look like some sort of symbolic thing.  He had no idea how he got them, no idea when he got them.  What accompanied them was an uneasy feeling that felt akin to making a deal with the devil.  

What covers the scars, and the rest of his body, are bits of cloth akin to bandages that.  Over that is a jacket of black and blue, and dark tan pants.  A dark gray scarf is wrapped around his neck.  That is what people normally see, while looking into and often getting distracted by his deep blue eyes.  Rounding out the rest of his appearance is a dark brown, almost black looking, hair complete with a shaggy spiky look with some hair slightly down the middle of his forehead.

Height: 6'
Weight: 175
Eyes:  A deep, striking blue
Hair Color:  Dark brown that almost seems black in the right light

His notable most notable features are his eyes and his hair.  It is hard to understand what is beyond those eyes, almost like peering into the ocean.  Beyond that, and his rarely seen scars and tattoos, there is the way that he moves.  He by no means looks skinny or scrawny, but rather he has a lithe and a bit lean way about him.  His muscles aren't bulky.  They were never built to be that way.  Instead, they were build for endurance and a very effective and powerful strength.

The Heart

Personality:  Janza is complicated. When it comes to anything important, he is very much the lone wolf. The problem is that he hates being alone. He is the very definition of an oxymoron, like an attention whore that needs space. His world has often been a bruital or dangerous world where you have to fight for survival, but he doesn't consider himself to be a rabid attack dog or anything of the sort.  His emotions do play a lot in how he goes about things, but he has enough of a presence to control the outward appearance of them.  It makes him unpredictable. This, along with his general lack of respect for titles, gets him into trouble often enough.

Likes: Humor, rainy days, apple pie, daytime naps

Dislikes: loneliness, sitting still, formal clothes, (He also dislikes fat people wearing clothing they have no business wearing)

He has an irrational fear of doctors and medics, or at least being in a hospital.

The tale

Nobody knows who he is or where he is from. It is thought that he is from some place outside of Rukongai (?). One day, he wandered into West Rukongai in an bad state of dehydration and possible deliriousness before he passed out into a slight coma. He was wearing some tattered shorts. The cloth that would have covered his chest was like several hundred shredded ribbons.  He was known as Cipher Janza for the giant "0" on the back of his jacket and for the mystery that he represented.  Nobody was sure why he was called Janza.  He had a bandage wrapped around his head, covered by his hair for the most part. Right under his hands  two solid black wakizashis, which disappeared before long.  Wrapped around his arms and neck were some small chains.

Three days after he had arrived, he woke up. He had not consumed any food or water for several days... perhaps weeks. He was being tended by a quiet little girl called Kiyame. She nursed him back to health.  While he was recovering, at the beginning, she would read to him. She would ask him questions about what he thought, but he would just laugh and smile. For a while they would play strategic games like chess or go. Janza had never played any games like these. Any time of his that he could remember always involved wandering and fighting. To Kiyame's delight, Janza was a quick learner. Janza was easily Kiyame's match after a handful of tries. They started playing cards soon after. For some reason, he was a natural at gambling.

Neither of them had anyone important in their lives.  Kiyame had few people to talk to.  Janza had nothing.  On a deep level, they understood each other.  Neither of them had a family, so one adopted the other.  His memories had always been of loneliness and struggle.  Life and death.  Pain and fighting.  But around her he felt some sort of peace and an unbreakable desire to protect her.  That very emotion was a major part of what eventually led him to join the academy.

Life in their district was never easy on account of being about as far away from seretei and in one of the roughest/poorest districts, although their little area was an ordered and clean section of a chaotic world.  Food was scarce.  To many in this area, food wasn't an absolute necessity.  Kiyame and Janza had a harder time with the lack of food.  They were different.  They needed it.  Malnutrition was narrowly avoided due in part to luck, and less than savory activities from Janza like gambling and stealing.  He was smart enough to avoid most trouble.  Being captured never crossed his mind.  Being overpowered never crossed his mind.  It was never difficult to overpower most of the beings anywhere near him.  In many things he was a prodigy, but he couldn't control everything around him.  A few times he had to fight, but his wounds would heal quickly.  The real problem was that it brought trouble down on Kiyame.  He started to give a majority of his share of the food to his new sister.  He had to protect her, and he felt like this lifestyle would eventually catch up to them.

Kiyame began to grow a bit distant to everything around her.  Whether it was running from threats, lacking a steady and adequate supply of food, or dealing with Janza's reiatsu seeping out uncontrolled at all time (although that one was more of a minor effect), it had taken a toll on her.  Janza eventually ran into a shinigami on one of his "forays".  He never moved against Janza.  Maybe it was the fact that the shinigami was drunk, or really didn't have any motivation to chase somebody down that stole a loaf of bread.  Instead he shouted toward the back of the retreated frame of Janza that he should consider the life of a shinigami.  It made sense.  Hunger was a very real companion that hung over their heads.  Living where they lived was an ever approaching danger.  He had an opportunity to protect the both of them.  And with the resources that would be available to him, maybe he could find answers.

((There you guys go.  I took a while to do what you guys asked, but there ya go.  Don't take too long now for your part.  ;P  ))
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PostSubject: Re: Janza, the Broken Soul   Janza, the Broken Soul EmptySat Apr 18, 2015 6:18 am

I killed Kiyame. Dun Dun Dun.

. afro
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Janza, the Broken Soul
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