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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
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 Lox, The Phantasm

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PostSubject: Lox, The Phantasm   Lox, The Phantasm EmptySun Apr 19, 2015 8:16 pm

[center]Lox, The Phantasm 2nro4u9

The Soul

Name: Lox Phanta

Age: 200/22

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O+

Reiatsu Colour: Black


The Flesh

Lox, The Phantasm 08d18376-f35a-4318-ae59-2a4482fda785_zpsd5sxtyqf

Appearance: Lox has a tall and slender built, similar to that of the modern college basketball. Muscular and well toned. His hair is most notable feature next to his dark, smooth skin. His hair is like a lions mane, long and dreaded with beautiful unique designs shaved near the scalp. His face is well sculpted with striking bone structure. His eyes are an alluring dark green, captivating and fierce. Lox wears a white fitted, sleeveless shirt. The edges wear the sleeves once were clearly torn and tattered. He wears black pants, fitted, with the ends tucked into black boots. This style of clothing clearly inspired by that of modern military combat training clothing and is his preferred attire as an alternative to the common shinigami garments. He also has several tribal tattoos along his forearms and across his chest and back. They hold no significant meaning.

Height:6' 5"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Green

Notable features: Slim and athletic. Tribal tattoos. Majestic, black hair.


The Heart

Personality: Lox is kind and fair in nature. He likes to think the best of others and attempts to give people the benefit of the doubt. However he is neither naive nor a fool. He is socially aware, more so than others that can't seem to escape their own realities. He realizes that things are not the same for everyone and can often find understanding and reasoning in everyone's actions where most others would dismiss them as insane or senseless. He knows the harshness of the world even in areas that would be defined as utopian by some standards. With that said, Lox has a rough attitude when it comes to quick judgements by others. He is quick to challenge other's views that he find biased or without proper research. He has a no nonsense attitude when it comes to violence. If you're going to fight, you better be serious because he will be. Even a spar must have some desirable goal in order for him to entertain the idea. But all seriousness aside, Lox has a great sense of humour and loves to play games of wits. He's very fond of wordplay and chooses his carefully. Some may think this makes him untrustworthy but his intention is quite the opposite. If he says something, that's what he means. Another's interpretation is not something he feels responsibility toward. Respect is a mutual thing for Lox, he gives what he feels he has received. Otherwise, expect much sarcasm and shortness in his words. Shade is an artform.

Dogs(including Wolves)

Unnecessary violence


The Tale


Lox grew up in the Rukongai district, the slums of the spirit world some would say. He has seen his share of hardships, once homeless, once on the verge of death by starvation, victim of others' brutality, and more. His past is dark and some would say worth carrying a grudge over. However he has used every experience to learn from. He has endured and plans to continue to do so. His latest saving grace was his decision to join the shinigami academy. The recruiters saw something in him and gave him his chance to do more with his life.

So far with his trainings, Lox has found ways to use his strength to help others. He has met an assortment of characters with whom he is glad to call comrade and some others he wouldn't miss if eaten by a hollow. Lox is still unsure if his path to being a shinigami is the right one or what he truly wants to prove as one but for now it feels right. He likes what he's doing and the potential it has to change his life for the better. He looks forward to seeing where all of this takes him.
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Lox, The Phantasm
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