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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
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 Takara Taira

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[center]Takara Taira 2nro4u9

The Soul

Name:  Takara Taira

Age: 22

Gender: female

Blood Type: O

Reiatsu Colour:  Gold


The Flesh

Takara Taira Rjo0i0

Appearance: (pic is after graduation.)

Takara is a dark skinned minor noble from the Taira clan, specifically this is shown within several physical attributes, notably the elongated ears, sliver/gray eyes and white hair. Typically most members from this family share at least one or two of these attributes.

Takara keeps her hair cut semi short, wile leaving two long tails being the exception. They are kept tied behind her and occasionally they are adorned with other trappings. Takara has a well-toned body from training that proceeded the academy and that originated from her family compound within the Rukongai. Overall she has a lithe body type and has uncanny coordination skills in regards to its use. Her assets are above average.

She wears traditional academy attire, a red uniform for the female students. As a shinigami she wears a backless Shihakusho without a hakama, Preferring unhindered movement

Height: 5'5

Hair color: White

Eye color: silver

Notable features: Wears a bright Red Scarf at all times, no matter the attire. Keeps her hair in two long braids and occasionally adorns it with cloth or jewelry.


The Heart


Takara overall has a somewhat serious personality, she is not one to goof around. she is an extremely focused individual, which at times can make her come off as anti-social as she can get caught up in her own mind even when involved with a group. For the most part, Takara is a quiet person, preferring to keep her thoughts and words to herself rather than be the one people focus their attention on. She is confidant in her own abilities without being boastful, and very rarely prideful. She does enjoy fighting as it helps to sharpen her own skills and abilities.  

Likes: Training, Fighting, sour candy, noodles.

Dislikes: Laziness, rude individuals, arrogance.


The Tale

History: Takara grew up as a part of the Taira clan a minor noble family that makes its home within the middle districts of the Rukongai, from an early age she was trained with the sole purpose of becoming a Shinigami. In this way, members that joined the gotei 13 could increase the prestige and political power of the Taira clan as they progressed through the ranks and pull them closer to the Seireitei.

With this in mind, Takara has been made into a living weapon to the best ability of the current clan members. She has become a proficient unarmed combatant, someone who can easily handle most trained armed combatants with only her fists. Takara has also become somewhat proficient with most known weapon types in a traditional sense. She does prefer to use her fists when it comes down to it, as weapons can and will fail.

With that in mind, Takara had a relatively normal life in the sense that she was being trained into a warrior. When she was finally introduced to the Academy entrance exam she was accepted on her first attempt.  
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Takara Taira
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