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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
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Ousen the Serpent 2nro4u9

The Soul

Name: Ousen the Serpent.

Age: Perhaps two centuries old, give or take.

Gender: Male.

Blood Type: AB+

Reiatsu Colour: Red with dark purple outlines.


The Flesh


Appearance: Sporting a rather mellowed out look, with a lack of any distinct lines or much of any special features on his face, Ousen is seen as the epitome of what is average in appearance, for a man that's farthest from the idea of bland. His hair is often held in place by a cotton bandana, an old keepsake of his from someone whom he slew, smelling heavily of bleach. Said hair reaches past his ears and down to the mouth of his neck, whilst the front, covers farthest to the brows, but none no more. His eyes are colored almond, with a slightly grey schlera, and a look of bloodshot qualities with glossy features to it. He has a rather narrow face, indicative of his heritage being Turkic in heritage, as he is drabbed in typical garments of an academy student, albeit with a few modifications for easier access. Among which is that his kimono is worn short, with narrowed sleeves. Loose from the thigh, as it was the farthest it reaches, it conceals his pants, to which he compliments with tabi socks, and sandals. Around his waist, he wears a sash, which he keeps his armaments in. The traditional color of his clothes being the theme of the academy. He wears his Zanpakuto to the left of his waist. His skin on the other hand is rather pale, despite him frequenting the sun and the night alike.

Height: 6'2" ft.

Hair color: Black.

Eye color: Dark brown.

Notable features: His build is that of a mesomorphic one, as his body is replete with a dulled definition to his abdomen, faded if anything, and athletic in build. The musculature obvious not from the sheer definition, but rather the mass he has in his body. His fingers are mottled with veins of black, with the skin discolored with grey and the nails greenish closest to the colour of smoke. He has a sickly complexion, most notably. He has a small rounded circular pigmentation of black next to his left eye, equivalent to a dot.


The Heart

Personality: Ousen is a man that does not reconcile himself with the past, with none the need to atone for it, as he feels that he owes no such things to the wrongs he has done aplenty. His persona can be seen molded akin to that of a chameleon, as he displays some 'off' traits described as eccentric in the edge of his personality. Though ruthless, and sadistic, if not outright repentant, he is most comfortable in his element of seediness, that being places where the unsavory elements frequent as a result of his character being uncorrected overall in his time in Rokungai. Duty is nothing more than a path, and his path has no destination in sight, embarked upon a long walk that he partakes for the sake of curing his sheer boredom. His views on the world is coloured in a tinge of cynicism, and blasé disregard for its conventions, It's all humorous to the man, how cyclic the patterns emerge, that he is none too shy to take advantage of all too readily himself.

Friends to him are none too concerning for Ousen. They come and go as time passes on, and he doesn't make special exceptions for them much, or even regard them as anything special. Merely a pebble in the river of time, which is a constant for someone now long lived as he was now. Hence his loyalties are none too heavily invested, or even readily invested in the first place, as he retains a skeptical light on the survivability of those that see themselves close to same said man.

Ultimately, he sees status quo as being bad for his being, as they tend to favour those entrenched in it, and Ousen is the farthest in this system of the Soul Society from being settled in nicely, hence his dislike of the general conformity of the overall matter. What with being an aloof individual and all.

- Awkwardness
- Poisons
- Fugu Fish
- Convoluted complexities

- Rules
- Melons
- Conventions


The Tale

History: Once, there was hunger and void. In that hunger and void, was a Hollow of levels akin to Adjuchas, whom feasted on the entrails of fellow Hollows and humans alike with little regard to any consequences that follows suit. Sowing terrors into the human world, as he partook most in his rampant gluttony in the midst of wars that seems to plague humans often enough. The souls plenty there being the prime target for Ousen, as he cunningly pursued this line of actions for perhaps a good few decades, though this did not go unnoticed. His power grew, and so too did the threat he'd possess, as even in his stealthiest, he was akin to a beacon. This soon drew the attention of Shinigami and Quincy alike, as they both attempted to hunt him down, culminating in a series of conflicts between the three, till the very final moment where Ousen fought with reckless abandonment, consigned to his fate of obvious death in the face of such onslaught. It did not go as easily as the Shinigami thought, but Ousen had finally been slain, and purified as a result, taken away from his baser state as a beast, and into the realm of Soul Society where perhaps if he kept his head down, could spend the rest of his after life in peace.

That is not so. Though uninhibited from his nature as a Hollow, though his hunger for souls subsided, his overall hunger did not leave him. Ousen instead spent his time partaking in the one path that he knew best, and that is to reap himself on conflicts, as he always grew fat on the spoils of war. Not in the same scale as human wars, Rokungai provided a much thrilling abode for the maniacal Ousen, as he partook in the many gang warfares that took place there in a bid to compete for territories, with himself selling out to the highest bidder, only to fuel the conflict through his consistent maneuverings to flame out tensions. Repeating such notions for another century and some odd decades, as the oddity of his being came to finally be noticed among the Shinigami authorities, after Ousen foolishly pursued a target into the single digit districts of Rokungai.

Though he clashed against the Shinigami patrols there, a disarmingly friendly man managed to subdue Ousen's need to cause strife with but a few line of questioning which was as simple as making it clear the Serpent was special, as much as any other Shinigami were special to the denizens of Rokungai. He possessed a sword, rather, a Zanpakuto, and that in itself proves him worthiest of being installed into Soul Society. Though unapologetic for causing such problems, the friendly Shinigami would push further that Ousen's skills is wasted in Rokungai, that he is better off serving the Gotei 13. That in turn served to anger Ousen given his traditional dislike of the institution, but after further offers that if he would work diligently, he'll never have to worry about going hungry again.

This confused Ousen, as he found himself never worried about hunger in the first place, but the point came across him that his needs, whether it was his compulsive need to indulge in complexities, or merely fight to grow as an individual, will always be satisfied as a Shinigami. Though his memories of his time as a Hollow were rare, scarce and few, whatever inkling he had of fighting the Shinigami corroborated that indeed they are pit in perhaps the most thrilling of assignments. This made his answer come out evenly that he would join Gotei 13, if only because he had nothing better to do, and he found Rokungai a bit too repetitive.

Pleased, the friendly Shinigami would introduce Ousen to recruitment, and induct him into the academy, so to reform him into a proper servant of the Soul King's institution of Gotei 13. Time will tell if Ousen softens up, or will continue his serpentine ways, as his measure of character is only defined by the chaos which he grew up in. Though to his chagrin, he soon discovered that he has to... actually LEARN something theoretical as well as practical in the Academy, as opposed to pure practical affairs. Only time will tell once more if he will flourish, or suffer in the Academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Ousen the Serpent   Ousen the Serpent EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 12:05 pm

looks good! We need more characters like this.

Two things though.

For one, at the moment you wont have a zanpaktou until you graduate the Academy. You can keep your sword and use it within the academy once you have 20 points invested in Zanjutsu. Just keep that in mind.

Two, I see that your history points to fighting shinigami. Keep in mind that as a student, the other student Player characters are all essentially elite in their own right and that shinigami that you will encounter from this point forward will have significant power over you.

Judging from your app, you may already know this but just pointing it out.

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Ousen the Serpent
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