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 Kidou List

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PostSubject: Kidou List   Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:28 pm

Binding Art 1: Sai; Obstruction
Sai is a low level Kidou that forces the targets arms behind them, preventing them from using them. generally only works against weaker opponents. Have one of your fists clenched, with the exception of your middle and index fingers, which should be fully extended and pointing upwards. Concentrate your reiatsu to the tip of your fingers, and then make a horizontal or diagonal slashing motion across your target.

Binding Art 2: Hikari no Mekurumeku; Blinding Light
This art does just what it says, blinding its target with a brilliant flare of white light.
Incantation: "The angel guarding the gates of Hell! Draw your sword and set it aflame, illuminate those within the darkness! Bakudo, the Second: Hikari no Mekurumeku!"

Binding Art 4: Hainawa; Crawling Rope
An energy rope entangles a target's arms.

Binding Art 8: Seki; Repulse
Creates a small circular barrier on one arm that can deflect physical attacks, the power is dependant on now strong the caster is and how strong the attack it is blocking is.

Binding Art 9: Geki; Strike
Geki is primarily used for disabling. The practitioner draws the symbols of the spell in the air which causes his/her entire body to permeate a red energy. The same red energy engulfs the body of the target and causes complete paralysis

Binding Art 10: Everlasting Grudge
By utilizing the power of gravity, this demon art literally doubles the weight of the victim being targeted. Although the victim is capable of movement, speed enhancement techniques such as shunpo are nullified. this spell can easily be countered by exerting a strong spiritual pressure around one's body.
Incantation: "You weigh the souls of humanity, Judicator, and separate the just from the wicked. None shall escape from justice. Binding art number nine, Everlasting Grudge."

Binding Art 11: Horin
Hōrin is primarily used to disable. The practioner uses the index and middle fingers and generates an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to ensnare the opponent as the tendril wraps around their body immobilizing them. The end of it remains in the hands of the user allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The Kidō is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together.

Binding Art 12: Concealing Fire
Breaking it down it most likely is a thread of fire red like string, it can either be used to connect to an opponent like a lasso or can with preparation be turned into a wide net.

Binding Art 13: Sorainju - Sky Ribbon
Creating materializes bond that look like ribbons around and opponent, the Ribbons instantly constrict the Opponent and wraps around the body tightly.

Binding Art 15 : Entangling Vines
User makes the incantation then slams his hand into the ground. Vines shoot from the ground around the targets feet. The vines wrap themselves around the opponent. This would be useless against a physical skill set fighter. Against average shinigami, this would hold them for only a few seconds. Long enough for one strike or a non-incant kidou.
Incantation: Gaea, protect your child and lend a hand to capture thy enemy, Binding Art 15 : Entangling Vines.

Binding Art 19: Sapphire Ring
After the incantation, the user motions his hands down from the sky. A blue ring falls and surrounds the opponent. The caster closes his hand and the ring tightens around the opponent restraining their arms.
Incantation: O ye Lord of the Skye, send down your power and restrain thy foe, Binding Art 19: Sapphire Ring.

Binding Art 21: Sekienton; Red Smoke Escape
Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.

Binding Art 22: Lightning Paralysis (Raiden's Trap)
A lightning based spell in which the user applies spirit pressure onto the molecules surrounding his arm and supercharges them. The supercharged molecules are then launched from the user's hand and wrap around the target. Not only does this restrict movement by paralyzing the target's muscles and joints, but it periodically sends electrical jolts through their body as well.

Binding Art 24: Chains of Air
Wisps of air form into thousands of nearly invisible chains which seek to bind and restrict the target. The strength of this ability is very limited, and could be broken easily by most seated shinigami (or hollows of equivalent strength). This ability is designed more to distract the target rather than confine it.

Binding Art 25 - Kajoukaze Kansei; Whirlwind Trap (Clay)
User sweeps his hand quickly towards his opponent, creating and sending a large whirlwind at them. When caught, the victim will be lifted off of their feet and will begin viciously spinning. The kidou will cause nausea and will suspend the victim in air. When the kidou is over after 10-15 seconds, it will drop the victim back to the ground.

Binding Art 26: Kyakko; Bending Light
Can hide the signature of what ever the Kidou is cast upon, whether it is another Kidou or a shinigami's Reiatsu.

Binding Art 28: White Crawl
This technique muddles the consciousness of its target, causing them to black out. Only works on summon someone who is weaker than the caster.

Binding Art 29 : Gravity Well
User fires a black ball of kidou at the feet of the target. When the kidou impacts, the ground in a 10 foot radius becomes a pitch black area. Then the gravity in the black area increases to 10 times normal for 20 seconds. The opponent is pulled to the black circle, no matter the location, and will not be able move in the black circle. If any part of the body is in the circle, then that part will pulled into the well.

Binding Art 30: Shitotsu Sansen; Break Piercing Triple Beam
This Kidou creates a triangle of yellow Kidou energy with 3 spikes at each point facing the opponent. Each spike of energy then launches at the opponent like a missile pinning them backward.

Bakudo 31: Chains of Ink
After doing a series of hand motions, ink seems to shoot out of the hands of the caster at the target. It seems to pool at the feet before forming to wrap chains around the legs. The chains go up the legs and around the chest. Any water around negates the kido.
Incantation: "Tiger's roar, ocean's waves. The octopus clouds the water. Chains of black against white cloth. Push the envelope of reality."

Binding Art 33: Flame Cage
User slams his hand on the ground after the incantation. Fire shoots up around the opponent, forming a birdcage, effectively trapping them. The heat of the flames is dependent on the user's mental stage.
Incantation: "Lord of light, give unto me your righteous fire and catch the sinner to burn away the unholy soul to leave only the pure! Binding Art 33: Flame Cage”

Binding Art 34 : Sunken Ground (Lodium)
The kidou itself turns the floor around the opponent to quick sand. If the opponent is unsuspecting this kidou can be very dangerous and consume the target until they are no more. Obviously the best way to avoid this kidou is to jump out of the way or shunpo. It requires a fair amount of reiatsu considering it's low level but can be cast any number of times
Incantation: "Thy bury my hand in thy ground and turn it all to dust, Fall within the void and become part of thy Dust"

Bakudo #35 Amatsu Kushi! (Heavenly Skewers)
Description: With the phrase, “Shimmer in the morning light…“ the caster points above and to the left of the target, representing the eastern sunrise. Then, with the phrase, “Fade into the evening sky…“ they move their hand to above and right of the target, representing the western sunset. With, “Fall From Heaven’s Glory…“ they point their finger directly above the target, and finally they point directly at the target and complete the incantaction with, “Way of Binding #30! Amatsu Kushi!“ Upon casting, nine rays of golden light fall from the sky, converge on, and pierce the target: One in each arm, one in each leg, one in each shoulder, one in each thigh, and finally one in the stomach. The target is pierced by the nine golden rays of light, causing no damage, but is pinned in place, unable to move until the spell is either overpowered via reiatsu or dispelled via kidou.
Incantation: "Shimmer in the morning light...fade into the evening sky...Fall from Heaven's Glory... Way of Binding #35 Amatsu Kushi!"

Bakudo 36: Creeping Ice
The caster slams both hands of the ground. A layer of ice begins to cover the ground heading towards the opponent. The ice moves extremely quickly. If either of the target's feet are on the ground when the ice gets near him, ice will trap his feet to the ground. Every post left unchecked, the ice will creep up the target's body. After 3 posts, the body will be covered in ice up to the waist. Length of kido is 6 posts. But it will melt in the presence of fire or extreme heat.
Incantation: "Frozen soul, frozen down to the core. No release. Cryonic State. Hand of doom. Wrapped tight."

Binding Art 37: Tsuriboshi; Suspending Star
Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.

Bakudou #38: Hangetsuseki (Half-Moon Barrier)
Description: This binding spell is meant more as a defensive measure than an offensive move. By holding both hands in front of him or herself, the user forms a hemispherical shield in front of him or herself that is capable of deflecting most physical and spiritual attacks. The only drawback is that the user is defenseless while maintaining this spell and vulnerable on the other side of the shield. Requires an incantation and complete focus on maintenance of the spell.
Incantation: “Protector of the night! The silver wings that embrace the sky! Be my defense against the fiends that lurk in the shadows! Binding spell, the 37: Hangetsuseki!”

Binding Art 39: Enkosen; Arc Shield
Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks. This spell is much like a continuation of Binding art 8 Seki.

Binding art #40: Shadow Prank(Vigilante)
The user must be within a minimum range of twenty feet for the kidou to work. After casting, a strange shadow forms between user and opponent. For three posts, the combatants will be forced to face each other. The shadow essentially tethers the distance between the two combatants. For example, if the opponent throws the user back with an attack, no distance will be lost between them. The shadow will force the attacker to follow the caster within the diameter of the shadow. Melee combat and flash step are allowed within the shadow, but no attacks from the side, above, or rear are possible.

Binding Art 41: Shadow Games (Lodium)
This kidou doesn't actually do damage to an opponent. It makes any attacks done by the user physically harmless, but instead it attacks the shadow of the opponent making the opponent feel like they've been attacked. This kidou can inflict minor damage physical and can not kill. The kidou can be broken with a strong fighting spirit by ignoring the mental torture and increasing one's reiatsu. However this kidou can only be cast once or twice depending on the shinigami's level.
Below 4th seat once, above 4th seat twice
Incantation: "From the depths of darkness you twist and turn, your games meant to provoke rather than kill. Destructive art 41 shadow games"

Binding Art 43: Hikangoku; Ice Prison
By freezing the moisture in the air around the enemy, the user creates manacles of ice that grasp around the ankles and wrist of the enemy and bind them together. The ice, of course, is super natural and is stronger the steel.

Binding Art 50: Sokubaku; Shackles
This demon art denies any and all movement of the targets arms and feet, binding them together at the back of the target's back.
Incantation: "Come forth from the between! Lords of the eight directions, take the gift bestowed by thy benevolence away! Let anger swell in thy chest and let this worm writhe without hope! Binding Spell, the fiftieth: Sokubaku!"

Binding Art 52: Bara no Kabi; Cage of Roses
Creates a Tight cage of super hard plants which blossom into roses, thorns
Incantation: "Life of the earth, Tears of the heavens, Come together here to hear my plea, Grow together, Mingle, Unite, Form a bond that evil cannot fight. Grow into a mighty bond that will hold thy enemy. Plants of the earth, Vines of a tree, Grow together to form The Rose bond Green!

Binding Art 54: Flow of Ice (Mana)
This spell simply turns all water in the viewable area into ice.
Incantation: As time flows water flows, in the eyes of god all time stands still, gods above freeze water as you freeze time.

Binding Art 55 - Storm God's Prison (Clay)
To use, caster must know Whirlwind Trap and Raiden's Trap since this is a combo of both.
User's arm crackles with yellow electricity. They then perform the same motions for Whirlwind trap. The dark whirlwind will trap the opponent the same way as whirlwind trap, but while the opponent is imprisoned they will be electrocuted by the supercharged air molecules. It lasts as long as Whirlwind Trap and the electricity is no more powerful than Raiden's Trap. It is a perfect joining of the two.
Incantation: "Ye Lord of the Storm, Lend me thy power to bring justice to thy enemies."

Binding Art 57: Kage Dakou – Shadow Crawling (Pluto)

Kage Dakou literally allows the person using the spell to step into a nearby shadow and exit from another one. The kido is very useful for spying while possessing battle applications. The person using the spell can only move from one shadow to another within 20 meters of the one they stepped into.

Incantation: Where there is no light, darkness shall rule. The demons rejoice at the sight of the fallen angel being dragged into hell.

Binding Art 58: Kakushi Tsuijyaku; Picking Tose, Chasing Quail
used by Shinigami for tracking purposes. While requiring a long chant to perform, the benefits of doing so more than compensate, as it is remarkably efficient at locating anyone with a high enough Reiatsu to locate. Form the appropriate symbols on the ground, then force your hands against that ground, letting your reiatsu flow from your arms, through your hands and into the symbol. If performed successfully, numbers indicating location will appears.
Chant: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, fingertips of the west, heel of the east, gather with the wind and scatter with the rain!"

Binding Art 59: Earth Shield(Janza)
This is a kidou that can be quickly used to shield against high speed attackers and many different high speed attacks of a low to moderate level. It is activated by forcing reiatsu into the palm of the hand and slamming it against the ground. The reiatsu attaches to the earth at which point it can be pulled up like a protective cover or veil. It is a stationary shield.

Icantation: Steady earth, child of the great mother, rise and protect the lost children.

Binding Art 61: Rikujyoukourou; Six Truncheon Light Prison
This is an effective Kidou in which the opponent, once targeted; is restrained by concentrated reiatsu. This concentrated reiatsu applies pressure from six directions in order to restrain the opponent and potentially crush their bones.
Incantation: “Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"

Binding Art 62: Hyappo Rankan: 100 Stepped Rails
Creating a white pole of Kidou the user throws the newly formed Kidou at the opponent. After it is released 100 more poles appear in the air launching at the chosen enemy. If a pole strikes it pierces the opponent not causing any physical damage but weighing down the enemy and making it difficult to move.

Binding Art 63: Sajou Sabaku: Chain Streak, Chain Bind
Wraps the opponent in a thick layer of huge chains from shoulders down. Similar to Bakudo No. 4, but stronger.

Binding Art 64: Kashou sono Reikon; Burn the Soul (Mana)
This Kidou is a touch type Kidou, once the chant has been cast the symbol for judge burns in fire on their palm. When they hit the target nothing initially happens. If that target then attacks anyone they become judged and the point that was touched will explode in a fire ball. Spell remains in effect for 3 posts.
Incantation: Celestial temple, guide my hand, burn with righteous flame and mark the the sins of the damned. Binding Art 62: Kashou Sono Reikon.
Action: User must paint the black ink symbol for justice on their hand.

Binding art 65: Mirror Door
This was used to seal Momo Hinamori's hospital room. It creates a glass-like barrier which is difficult to break from the outside, but quite simple to break from the inside.

Binding Art 66: Kage Teisu- Shadow Prison (Pluto)
Kage Teisu literally forms a fifteen foot wide black ring beneath the person(s) being targeted. And by utilizing the use of gravity, the weight of the person inside the circle will increase fivefold, while being held into place by 5 demonic hands, grabbing each limb and the body alike.
Incantation: Embrace the darkness and see the sunlight become obsolete. Cast away the light and rise with vengeance to bind the unworthy.

Binding Art 68: Akusui Gaikaku; Water Castle (Mana)
This Kidou surrounds the enemy in a gigantic dome of water with no gap. The user can chose to keep the water in its form or to release it crushing down on the enemy within. If the Enemy tries to escape by swimming into the water or through it they will be pushed out by the force that holds the water in place. This can be broken through with a powerful enough attack but at the risk of having the entire mass of water fall in on them. Kidou can be held for 7 posts.
Incantation: "Water of life, water of purity, water that cannot quench a sinners thirst. Rise up and show your spender, surround sinners and wash away the impure souls. Binding Art 68: Akusui Gaikaku."

Binding Art 73: Inverse Mountain Crystal
Tozanshō is primarily used for defense. The spell ignites at a single point as blue energy and extends upward from four points and creates a inverted pyramid that solidifies into a barrier around the caster. The spell usable around other already active spells.

Binding Art 75: Quintet of Iron Pillars
Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground.
Incantation: “Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end.

Binding Art 76: White Crawl
Creates an area of effect that can be from knocking out those within to destroying everything within the chosen radius. The larger the radius the less effect it has depending on the users Skill in Kidou.

Binding Art 77: Tenteikura; Heaven's Fortress
This is a medium level Kidou used by Shinigami for communication. Upon completing the chant, the user may instantly deliver a message to any person he or she wishes, provided that the user can sense the target. You must first place markings on your arms to allow for this channeling method. The markings must be in the shape of a horizontal line followed by a connecting vertical line, followed by a connecting horizontal line, and so forth for the whole length of the arm.
Incantation: "Black and white net! Twenty two bridges, sixty six crown strings, footprints, distant thunders, mountain peaks, valleys, night shadows, cloud sea, cyan line! Fill up the circle and zoom to the edges of the sky!"

Binding Art 79: Nine Sunlight Traps
Creates eight black holes that emit spiritual energy in the personal space surrounding the target, with a ninth black hole manifesting in the center of the targets chest.

Binging Art 81: Dankuu; Rejection Void
A wall shaped, see through Barrier that protects from any Kidou of level 90 or lower.

Binding Art 89: Kouchinomaru; Circle of Confinement
Basically, this spell erects a spherical barrier of immense strength around the target, denying any form of movement inside of it and even dissipating most attacks up to a captain power level. negates the reiatsu of anyone inside of it, making it only breakable from an outside force by the initial creator
Incantation: "The eternal gates, block the way! Deny thy gift and twist the ground! Grasp firmly, lock yourself and never let go! The supreme prison, the ender of pathways! Binding Spell, the eighty-ninth: Kouchinomaru!"

Binding Art 90: Celestial Alignment (HMD)
Three part kidou. First part the user creates a vacuum that forces an opponent into a designated area. The second part creates an invisible barrier around them while the chant for the third part is prepared. The third part to the kidou causes the invisible barrier to collapse upon the opponent creating a crushing effect. Anything that cannot escape is destroyed.

>Binding Art #90 Part 1: First Seal
Chant: (The stars align, a tremor through the universe. The souls of man begin to fray, retreat from the insanity and chaos! Binding Art#90: First Seal Break!)
Action: The user begins to draw a pentagram with curved lines.
Description: The first part to this kidou binds a large mass of air very quickly behind an opponent. This creates a vacuum that forces an opponent into the designated area.

>Binding Art#90 Part 2: Second Seal
Chant: (Look on mortal and feel your sanity slip away, fear, doubt, hatred, rage. Inevitability is the beasts name, your dreams speak the truth. Binding Art#90: Second Seal Break!)
Action: The user completes the pentagram and begins drawing an eye in the middle of it.
Description: The second part to this kidou creates an invisible barrier around an opponent trapping them in a box that is roughly double the size of their body. If the trapped target attempts to flee the area they are trapped in, they are simply turned in a 180 degree circle as if they had been facing the wrong way the entire time.

>Binding Art#90 Part 3: Third Seal
Chant: (From beyond the stars the great old ones have come for you. From their crushing gaze there is no escape. The minds of men break before them and the world descends into chaos. The stars are right, the time has come! Binding Art#90: Third Seal Break!)
Action: The eye in the center of the pentagram is completed.
Description: The third and final part to this kidou creates a crushing vacuum around the trapped opponent. If they cannot escape they are crushed by the sheer pressure and completely destroyed. The more time that is taken to escape, the more damage the target will leave the binding kidou with.

Extra Notes: This kidou takes a tremendous about of reiatsu to cast. If an opponent is stronger than the user, the effect is naturally less than it would be if the caster were stronger than the opponent.

Binding Art 93: Kyuuten ko-ru; Heavens Call (Mana)
This Kidou binds the caster in an impressive display of a ray of golden fire. The fire surrounds the user in a radius of their arm's length. The Fire is hot enough to melt metal and absorbs all fire attacks whilst also evaporating all water just being near. In exchange for this near invulnerability the caster can move whist on fire however the caster also takes damage whilst in this form being drained of Reiatsu and the heat blisters them but not as bad as anyone else. (spell lasts for 3 posts)
Chant: "Wheels of fate turn for me, turn my eyes skyward and my heart into the burning furnace of righteousness. Take my body, burn it bright, burn like the fires of damnation to judge the wicked and protect your servant. Binding Art 93 Kyuuten ko-ru."
Actions: Spell requires a circle of red ink to be drawn around the caster and the symbol for fire to be drawn over their left eye.

Binding art 94: Kamiyonanayo Bankotsul; Seven Heavens Courage (Mana)
A suppression type Kidou, after the chant and the actions seven pillars of lightning shoot from the sky at the enemy. If they are hit by a lightning bolt they do not receive any damage but loose the ability to use an element.
The first bolt is yellow and suppresses Lightning the second is red suppressing fire the third is dark blue suppressing water the fourth is white suppressing air the fifth is brown suppressing earth the sixth is light blue suppressing ice the seventh is is the most powerful and is black suppressing Reiatsu... This means that the elements can't be used outside of the body. so whilst the Reiatsu one might be in effect the enemy doesn't loose Reiatsu and they can use it in their body but cannot project it in any form. This is a Kidou mostly used against Elemental based shikai and Kidou users.
Chant: Seven, ancestors, seven spokes in the wheel. Call down to earth, call out your power, suppress the sinful so that they may never abuse your power. Bring courage to those who would use you for right. Binding art 94: Kamiyonanayo Bankotsu.
Action: The caster must write the symbol for each of the suppressions in a circle around the area the enemy will be in. This does not mean the small area exactly where the enemy is standing but in a radius where the symbols can be seen by the caster at the most. This Kidou is best used when setting up a trap.

Binding Art 95: Time's Deadly Hand (Mana)
This Kidou creates a square space within which time moves slower than outside. The enemy inside the trap will notice that they are moving incredibly slowly.
The downside to this is that anything that enters the field moves slowly so spells that are cast into it would slow down as well as if someone entered into the field. This sell would be most useful to set up a long spell after it.
Action: four points in a square must be created using symbols of a egg timer at each point. four more must be placed inside of the square in the shape of a rectangle. When the Enemy is within the rectangle the user must flow Reiatsu around the square. When the field is fully formed the rectangle will glow brightly and take the shape of an egg timer slowing the time within the square.

Binding art 98: Double layered Barrier;
By clapping hands first in above and then in front of yourself to create a barrier around an area that is chosen. The shield looks like an old style Japanese building and is in the colour of the caster's Reiatsu. The barrier becomes invisible rendering what is within completely invisible to the outside world. This is done by giving all near it a suggestion that it is not really there, first sealing all that is within behind the first barrier to stop Reiatsu escaping and secondly to put it slightly out of phase with the real world using the second barrier. This barrier can be maintained without the users concentration as long as it is not being attacked from the outside. It is incredibly hard to break into but can easily be passed out of.

Binding Art 99 part 1: Bakudou no Kyuujuu Kyuu: Kin; Restraint
This is a binding spell that restrains your opponent much like with Sai, but is a strengthened version that creates a physical binding as well as a spiritual binding.

Binding Art 99 part 2: Great seal
This spell covers a target from head to toe with spiritual fabric (first song), stabs them with numerous metal blades (second song), and then smashes them with an immense metal cube (final song)
Incantation: First song: halting fabric, second song: hundred linked bolts, final song: great seal of 10,000 forbiddings.
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PostSubject: Re: Kidou List   Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:28 pm

Destruction Art 1: Sudden Impact
The Shinigami places both hands in front of him to release a strong blast of air. If concentrated enough can knock a perfect hole through a wall. No incantation required.

Destructive Art 3: Kidou Missile
Caster fires a purple kidou blast at an opponent. One of the weakest destructive kidou, but also one of the fastest.
Incantation: "I call upon the air, the earth and the fire. Lend me your strength and blast away my foe. Destructive Art 3: Kidou Missile!"

Destructive Art 4: Byakurai, White Lightning
The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.

Destructive Art 8: Kutsuunomaru, Circle of Pain
This art creates a shining circle of yellow around the feets of the target, destroying very weak spirits instantly, causing great pain to spirits up to lower medium power and causing light discomfort to anything stronger.
Incantation: "The eye of the great dragon! Come before me, seeker of torment, lord of endings! Cast thy sight and pass thy judgement! Blasting Spell, the Eighth: Kutsuunomaru!"

Destructive Art 9: Shotgun
Creating an orb of energy either in one or both hands, the ball then explodes while its in still located in the hand, the explosion is only in one direction as the energy disperses into a spread of energy, creating a shotgun effect. This attack is more effective against multiple opponents rather than one, since it covers a large area
Incantation: "From the light above I summon thy power, to strike down my enemy in a blast of holy light, blasting spell the ninth, Shotgun!"

Destructive Art 10: The Scorching
A fire based spell in which the user focuses his spirit pressure into the molecules surrounding the target, and superheats them. Upon will (usually by closing his fist or snapping his fingers), the activity of the molecules increase drastically and cause a chain reaction, exploding instantly and damaging the target.

Destructive Art 11: Tsuzuri Raiden, Bound Lightning
Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.

Destructive Art 12: Thunderclap
User gathers reiatsu into palms of thier hands and quickly claps them. It creates a shockwave area of effect expanding from them outward. This will push back anything in the area and give some room to the caster. Radius of shockwave is a 10 foot area around the caster. Damage from initial wave is moderate.

Destructive Art: 13: Sapphire Fist
The caster's hand glows blue. The caster will then punch towards creating a large flying blue fist. The fist will fly in a straight line and crash into the opponent, causing blunt force damage.
Incantation: "Oh lord, though I am weak aid me in my fight. Grant me your gift so that I may defend the weak and bring the damned to justice. Bring forth your beautiful hand of judgement! Destructive art 13 Sapphire Fist!"

Destructive Art 14: Thorn Whip
User places hand on the ground and says the incantation. They then pull a whip made of thorns out of the ground. It functions much like a normal whip.
Incantation: “Gaea, Goddess of the Earth, give your servant a weapon to defend your creed, Destructive Art 12 : Thorn Whip.”

Destructive Art 15: Thorn Torrent
Caster places hands out. The hands are formed with all fingers spread wide and both index fingers and both thumbs are touching with the palms towards the target. After the incant is finished. A thousand thorns shoot out towards the target in a cone. This is a short to medium range kidou.
Incantation: “Gaea, use thy servant as a conduit for thy holy wrath, Destructive Art 15 : Thorn Torrent.

Destructive Art 18: Light Slash
The caster waves his hand and a small white kidou quickly flies out at the opponent, cutting them. This is a short range kidou. It would be comparable to a reiatsu blade.
Incantation: "Though I walk in darkness, I call upon the light of the divine. Shine forth your power and drive away the dark sin's before me. Destructive Art 18 Light Slash!"

Destructive Art 20: Reeling Touch
Touching the target with your middle and index finger sends them reeling, falling, or flying in the direction you push them. Distance pushed is dependent on your spiritual power, and that of the targets. If one is of Taichou level, Reeling touch may send a target falling or flying for 50-60 feet, the user will use this art to create space between her and her target.

Hado #21! Kongou Rasen! (Diamond Helix)
Description: The user places their hands in a diamond shape, and begins the incantation. After the first line of the incantation, a swirling ball of reiatsu appears in the diamond, and with the next line, it begins swirling in two directions at once as it grows. With the final lines, the energy expands into a beam, hitting and piercing the target as it does so. The reiatsu causes some splash damage, but the major effect is a hole in its target.
Incantation: “Swirl in the glittering dust… Glitter in the Swirling Sands… Pierce the shattering wind! Hado #21! Kongou Rasen!”

Destructive Art 24: Lightning Blade (Arashi)
Prereq: Reiatsu Blade
User forms a reiastu blade made out of electricity. The blade is stronger and sharper than a normal reiatsu blade. The blade's appearance is dependent on the user. The most unique thing about this kidou is the channeling ability. The user can channel any lightning element kidou through the weapon with the proper chant (if necessary).

Destructive Art 25: Earth Breaker
Description: By placing their hand flat on the ground, a Shinigami then releases energy into the very earth which travels underground to below their target. This energy can then be directed to follow the target while their hand is still connected to the earth. Upon removing their hand, the energy spikes up in a huge explosion that bursts out from the earth.
Incantation: "From the depths of the earth I call forth destruction, to attack thy enemy through the ground which they stand, blasting spell the twenty-fifth Earth Breaker!"

Hadou #29: Grand Train
Description: A massive black shadow, filled with streaks of light slams into anything along a straight path in front of the caster. It's on the low end of the middle power ranges.

Destructive Art 30: Marikodos - Chaos Rain
This art creates thousands of tiny blades to fall from the sky. The blades are so small they could be mistaken for rainfall and often a target is attacked before he realizes it. The area of effect is relatively small, but once inside that area it is near impossible to deflect.

Destructive Art 31: Shakkahou; Red Flame Cannon after a short chant your target is hit by an amber red explosion. A powerful Kidou if the explosion hits the target full on, and is basically a weaker but shorter version of Soukatsui.
Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, The sea barrier surges, March on to the south!

Destructive Art 32: Okasen (Yellow Fire Flash)
Fires a wide arc of yellow energy at a target.

Destructive Art 33: Soukatsui; Blue Fire, Crash Down
Soukatui is a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target over a wider area and with more power.
Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!

Hadou #34: Spirit Nova
Description: Summoning a great deal of energy the user concentrates his energy around them as they creates a massive blast that travels in a ring outward. This blast consists of pure energy, often enough to kill weaker opponents near by, and knocking back the stronger ones that survive. The ring will travel for about 3 meters before it dissipates.
“Oh Lord, the mask of flesh in all shapes! The wings, crowned with the life of men! Fire and chaos, burn swiftly across the night sky toward the moon! Hado 34 Spirit Nova."

Destructive Art 35: Tenken (Sword of Heaven)
This spell summons a straight long sword, about eight feet long, made of pure Kidou that falls from the sky and pierces the spell's target through. It takes one or two seconds from the time the incantation is complete for the sword to cross the space from heaven to earth (depending on how much the target moves.) The sword is capable of "homing" on its target, but it can't track more than fifty feet away from its original target point. A person failing to dodge, on the other hand, is skewered like Mongolian barbeque.

Destructive Art 37: Kidou Missile Volley
Much like kidou missile, except that this is a volley of 5 kidou missiles. And the power is upped.
Incantation: "I call upon the air, the earth and the fire. Lend me your strength and blast away my foe with a volley of power. Destructive Art 37: Kidou Missile Volley

Destructive Art 40: Flame Siege Shield(Vigilante)
Description : A heavy nordic oak shield imbued with flame forms around the user's free hand. Despite its appearance, the shield is used most effective when attacking. Upon contact with an attack or an opponent a tremendous explosion erupts outward from the shield. The shield must be used within three posts or it dissipates.

Destructive Art 41: Viper Strike
A very flashy kido. A large translucent viper forms and strikes at the opponent before dissipating. The snake appears over 12 foot tall and strikes only one. When summoned it seems to curl around the caster before striking. No poison is involved but the damage done is essentially puncture wounds. The two large fangs are 8 inches long and every other tooth is 1in long.

Destructive Art 44: Gaki Rekko
This technique makes a circle of energy, before firing blasts of green light from its center in a cage-like formation. Each blast, though individually weak, is fast and spread out over a wider area than some kido. Almost a machine gun like kido. This rapid succession of blasts can be maintained for a few posts.

Destructive Art 45: Blue Incineration Blast
A small ball of pure concentrated reiatsu is fired at the target from the hand of the shinigami. This kido's power is dependent on the caster. This kido could be called the shinigami's equivalent of a cero in terms of function and type of energy blast. This is a long beam type attack but the further away from the caster, the weaker the kido becomes.

Destructive Art 46: Tatsugaze (Dragon Gale)
By placing both hands together with the open palms facing out, A silvery golden orb of energy is created. In a sudden blast of Hurricane winds, traces of golden and silver dragons can be seen dancing and soaring through the channel. The Wind is strong enough to blow a parked car into the air and toss it a few feet away. It has a wide area of effect and has a high chance to hit, and because of its strength it will drain a fair amount of energy to cast. This is an attack that is meant to blow a target away or simply clear and area of debris.
Incantation: Spirits of the wind of the northern sky, The glare of a dragon's serpent eye, I summon you both to unite the winds, To excel the power that I give in, Cry of the wolf, howl of the night, Sing the notes to the flowers height, Use them together in this fight, To clear a path of unclear sight,Hear the legends of an untold tale, Fear the blast of the Dragon Gale!"

Destructive Art 51: Kidou Missile Barrage (Clay)
Much like kidou missile, except that this is a volley of 10 kidou missiles. And the power is upped.
Incantation: "I call upon the air, the earth and the fire. Lend me your strength and blast away my foe with a barrage of your holy missiles."

Destructive Art 54: Hainen; Abolishing Flames
Fires a blast of purple spiritual energy that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.

Destructive Art 58: Tenran; Orchid Sky
By spinning a Zanpakutou in front of themselves the caster creates a vortex of spinning wind that drives forward in a whirlwind toward the enemy. There is no definitive idea of damage, however there is a likely chance of being sun out of control or the impact causing blunt damage.

Destructive Art 60: Chaos Torrent
This is a more dangerous form of Chaos Rain. The area is increased but instead of falling straight down like normal rain, the tiny blades swirl like blades in the wind of a hurricane.
Incantation - "Joker's gamble. Hero's pledge. Run from the impending doom. Hide from the storm."

Destructuve Art 61: Earth Spike (Janza)
The kidou is best utilized when used in conjunction with binding art 59. Used on its own, it loses more than half of its effectiveness. The earth spike is roughly 6-8 feet long with the tip being ultra dense giving it great piercing power. When done with the earth shield, the user focuses reiatsu into the other hand and smashes their backhand against the inner shield creating the spikes/spikes that jut out at an angle. When used without the shield, the user focuses reiatsu into both hands and thrusts their palms at the ground creating vertical spikes at a fairly close range. This kidou is best used to catch high speed opponents off guard in an attempt to turn their speed against them. Inexperienced shinigami can create one spike, fuku levels can create three, and taichou levels can create five.

Destructive Art 62: Soukouyari- Travelling Spear (Pluto)
Soukouyari literally calls forth 10ft long spears of ice from the heavens in order to bombard the target. The spears tend to rain down on those targeted with great ferocity.
Incantation: The winds of the east are repressed by the echoes of the west. And the beast of the north is trampled on by the demons of the south.

Destructive Art 63: Raikouhou; Thunder Roar Cannon
Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target. It takes the form of a very destructive bolt of lightning.
Incantation: Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!

Destructive Art 65: Crimson Flare Cannon (Vigilante)
As the user chants a crimson orb of energy forms in the left outstretched arm. On "unite fire and shadow" dark matter forms on the right palm and the user then unites his two hands in a kamehama firing position. The kidou must be fired from a mid-long range distance from its target. The orb doesn't need to hit its target. Once within ten feet of the opponent it novas to many times its size. Anything caught within its blast radius is in danger of being incinerated.
Incantation : Ye lord of flesh, sky and bone, cast away your insecurity and unite fire and shadow. Rise from your mortality to meet your ethereal brethren"

Destructive Art 66: Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down;
doubled version of 33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety.
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

Destructive Art 67: Thor's Justice (Clay)
Prerequisites: Thunder Roar Cannon and Shunpyo
User must first fire a Thunder Roar Cannon into the sky, ionizing the clouds. The user will begin the incantation.
Incantation: "Thor, God of Thunder and Lightning, Lend your servant your strength to smite your foes and protect the justice enforced by your ally. Destructive Art 67: Thor's Justice "
The users dominant hand then glows with a strange symbol and begins to crackle with electricity. They must then shunpyo to the opponent. The symbol is is a targeting device. The user must 'tag' the opponent transfering the symbol before shunpyoing away. Shunpyo is required because then a bolt of will come down from the sky, engulfing the targeted symbol. As powerful as Hiryu Genkizoku Hinten Raiho but quicker. Chant must be used before every use. User can be struck as well though. 3rd seat can use once in a battle. Fuku-level can use it twice. Taichou-level can use it four times.

Destructive Art 70: Raging Cyclone (Clay)
User Draws two swirls on the palm of either hand and draws Reiatsu into the centre. Clapping them together with the chant the ind spins around him in an outgoing blast that blows away everything from the user that isn't securely connected to the ground in a range of 30-40 feet.
"From the North, from the south, to might right and to my left I call upon the power to blow away my foe with the gift of nature. Gather and protect me, Gather and repel my enemy. Destructive Art 70: Raging Cyclone”

Destructive Art 76: Hayate Gakuzento (Hurricane Terror)
The user focuses their spiritual energy into the wind around them. They force it to go into a sphere around them and pump power into it. The wind picks up and makes a powerful shield that works defensive and offensive. Can deflect any and all projectiles, unless states otherwise. The user may literally explode the move, which causes a ripple effect (The users forces the sphere of wind to break, making the winds go opposite directions at high speeds.

Destructive Art 77: Kidou Missle Battery
Much like kidou missile, except that this is a volley of 15 kidou missiles. And the power is upped.
Incantation: "I call upon the air, the earth and the fire. Lend me your strength and blast away my foe with a battery of justice."

Hado #72: Shoreidan (Flare)
This blasting art fires a powerful beam of highly-compressed energy at its target and is an excellent means to cut a swath through large groups of enemies. Against a single weaker foe, this technique can be fatal, as it will completely incinerate the enemy's body. At most, the blast can severely burn or punch holes through larger or more powerful enemies. It is performed by raising one hand palm-out toward the enemy. This technique is highly dangerous and very draining on its user.
Incantation: "The spark of creation! The driving force that brings all into itself! Send forth a fragment of your power to subdue the enemy! Hado 72: Shoureidan!

Destructive Art 80: Bleeding (Nicho)
This spell increases the blood flow in the enemies body making it flow faster out of any open wounds making them loose strength at a faster rate for 3 posts.
Chant: Blood that flows, blood that binds, blood that breaths life. See the impurity of the body you inhabit, reject its impure form and bleed. Destructive art 80 Bleeding
Action: Caster cuts their hand and traced the word blood into the air whilst releasing Reiatsu through that hand.

Destructive Art 84: Ikijigoku; Hell on Earth
This destructive art incinerates the moisture inside and outside of the target, boiling it alive. It is neither nice to watch nor easy to cast, draining its user quite a bit but can destroy most hollows up to the Menos-Medio class.
Incantation: "By the fires of Gehenna, burning bright! The claw from the beyond, tearing away the light of existence! Blasting Spell, the eighty fourth: Ikijigoku!"

Destructive Art 84: Hiryu Genkizoku Hinten Raiho; Flying Dragon Strike, Heaven Shaking Lightning Cannon.
Fires a gigantic electricity blast of spiritual energy resulting in an truly enormous explosion. creating a large blue beam much wider than Thunder Roar Cannon that seems to roll forward destroying anything in its path.

Hado 89 - White Final Flash Cannon
In order to make the attack, the caster draws his hands back and gathers up all of his energy. Then, he thrusts his palms forward and discharges a massive golden-yellow beam of energy towards his opponent.
Shadow of Creation! Sealed by Flesh! Imprisoned by Bone! Break delicious the chains that bind! The grave opens wide into the light of day! Lash out at those that surround you! Obliterator! The silent masks of flesh and bone turn to you. Their gaping eyes cry out for revenge. Allow the wind to draw chaos through this world. Hado 89, White Final Flash Cannon.

Destructive Art 90: Hadou no Kyuujuu: Kurohitsugi; Black Sarcophagus
This is an overwhelmingly powerful Kidou that contains the opponent within a large, black box that slowly breaks apart. Using it often results in death for anyone but the toughest of opponents. However, this move requires reiatsu and concentration beyond the level of Taichou. Also, it should be noted that if one does not perform the chant correctly, the Hadou is considerably weaker.
Incantation:"Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!"

Destructive Art 91: Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear
Senjū Kōten Taihō is primarily used for offense. The practitioner generates around ten pink energy points and fires them all at the same focal point where the intended target resides. The culminating explosion is exceedingly devastating.
Incantation: "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired"

Destructive Art 92: Purity of the Seven Fates (Mana)
This powerful destruction kidou summons down seven bolts of Kidou Lightning in large beams one after the other in short succession.
Incantation: One wheel, seven fates, one sinner. Cast down the might of god. Gather all your power, gather all your judgement and deem those below guilty. Devastate all those who would harm your servant with fate itself. Purity of the seven Fates.

Destructive Art 94: Glacier Vapor Storm
This spell fires a massive wave of ice capable of freezing its targets and surrounding area. It is seen to be strong enough to destroy a group of Menos Grande through sheer power. It is also strong enough to go through Danku, which can block any Destructive spell numbered 89 or less, although it took around fifteen seconds to do so.

Destructive Art 96: Single Blade Cremation
Ittō Kasō is a forbidden offensive technique. The practitioner can only activate the spell by using their own body as the catalyst. The spell causes a massive pillar of red fire to erupt from the ground in the shape of a giant katana's tip.
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