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 Kiyohara Hana

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PostSubject: Kiyohara Hana   Kiyohara Hana EmptySat May 09, 2015 6:12 pm

{ T H E . S O U L }
Name: Kiyohara Hana
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB+
Reiatsu Color: Golden - Yellow

{ T H E . F L E S H }
Height: 4’11’’
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Light Brown
Notable Features:  Golden tattoo of her Family Crest on her right shoulder. Her hair is ornamented with flowers, and ribbons, and other hair accessories.


{ T H E . H E A R T }
Personality: From her roots, Hana was classically trained to be a lady, specifically a lady of the house. In the eyes of society she is deemed to be elegant, polite, poise, classy, regal, etc. etc. However, in the eyes of those closest to her, they know better than to believe her facade 100% of the time. Opposed to her noblesse side, Hana is also very passionate in the ideal of being independent, she is very sarcastic, witty, and sassy, as well as very stubborn and arrogant at times.
Likes: sweets, her independence, art, dance, honor,
Dislikes: ignorant people, hypocrites, lies, disrespectful people,

{ T H E . T A L E }
History: Hana was born on August 3rd in District 1 of Rukongai as the youngest child and daughter of the Kiyohara main family. Because of her family’s noble status and respectability, Hana was quite the spoiled one, she was a daddy’s and mommy’s girl, and adored by her older sisters, and protected by her older brother’s. Life was good! Though her family was not top tier nobility, her family was still well known and seen as respectable. Her family owned many franchises and businesses, including a shrine which had it’s own spiritual shop. Hana had a habit of running to the shrine to play and to just be by herself whenever she felt overwhelmed with her family. She even helped out the old man who worked the spiritual shop, learning quite a lot about the shiginami from sereitei and the existance of hollows.

She was trained how to be a lady of the house, one who was poised, has proper etiquette, intelligent, etc. Hana took many tea ceremony classes, calligraphy, flower arrangement, and other classes necessary for a lady of the house to learn her skills and etiquette, etc. On top of that, she also took classes in self defense, such as martial arts and basic traditional kendo, which was highly enforced by her father and her brothers for her own protection. Regardless of her basic ability to protect herself from perverts and pursuers, Hana was told and taught not to show off her ability to others so that she may be use it to her advantage, and that it was not very lady like to fight in public without reason.

When Hana turned the age of 16, she received a tattoo of her family crest over her right shoulder in gold ink. One day when Hana was 18, she was out in the market with her friends, gathering fruits and ingredients for some sweets that they wanted to make, when suddenly someone grabbed her pointing a knife to her neck. At first, she was surprised and frightened, but she after realizing her situation she became cool and collective. The perpetrator and kidnapper wanted to take her for ransom, so she allowed them to. Once they dragged her away to their hideout she allowed them to look at her and touch her face and hair, all the while with a calm facade, her eyes holding stubbornness and defiance.

When she felt like their words and touching was enough she lunged and attacked her kidnappers, hitting them in the throat and their sensitive parts while using what she had learned. After she was finished they were all battered and bruised, with scratches that bled and black eyes. Once Hana finished adjusting her garments and fixing her hair, as if nothing touched her and as if she was not disturbed, her older brothers with a couple of family guards appeared kicking down the doors. The guards were surprised, but her brothers held expressions of pride and acknowledgement. To say the guards were slightly annoyed was an understatement, but it didn't faze Hana, she still bowed to them in respect and thanked them politely in a soft voice before they headed home together.

After the incident, Hana’s family babied her more than usual, forcing guards to be with her everywhere she went, limiting her time out of the gates of their home, making her feel suffocated. At first Hana was understanding, but after months of this ridiculousness, she wanted to escape, asking advice from the old man at the shrine. He informed her that should work as a shinigami, which made her remember all the great stories she grew up listening to and the articles she has read about all the great deeds of the shinigamis. With this, Hana come to  the decision to want to be a shinigami because she wanted to be strong, and wanted to protect and help others who could not do so themselves, and also prove to her family that she did not need their constant worry and over protection. At first her family objected viciously, especially her protective father and brothers, however her mother stood by her decision the entire time. After about a year of convincing and making exceptions and agreements, they finally agreed to her decision and told her to come home as many times as she could and if she wanted to ever quite, there would always be open arms to take her in back at home.
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Kiyohara Hana CommentPhotos.com_1406834070
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Kiyohara Hana
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