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 Zanpaktou Raija the Moon Chaser

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PostSubject: Zanpaktou Raija the Moon Chaser   Sat May 16, 2015 7:13 am

Guess this won't be copy paste completely... but this is the gist of it and more from before.

Zanpaktou:  Raija

The Sealed

Sealed Appearance:  Raija consists of two weapons, wakizashi and katana.  The handle for both is a very dark blue, almost black.  The only other notable point of the weapons are the crescent moon shaped guards.

Sealed Type: Dual wield with katana and wakizashi

Sealed Length:  The blade of the katana is 32 inches long with a 12 inch handle.  The blade of the wakizashi is 22 inches long with a 12 inch handle.

The Spirit Persona

Zanpaktou Spirit:  There isn't "a" or "the" spirit.  There are two, three if you count the part that represents him.  In a way, they are just exaggerated versions/parts of Janza's personality.... to an extent.  The first is obvious, it looks pretty much like he does on the outside.  Next, the most noticeable one shifts in appearance somewhat normally.  One moment it will look like a man with slight differences to Janza.  The next instance, it can be some "almost" girl-wolf in the vein of foxgirls.  It is an exaggeration of how his thoughts are all over the place.  The last, and usually least noticed, shifts between a near feral wolf, and a dark man.  ((The appearance for any of the three is not always the same.))

Spirit Personality:  They are one in the same, but all different.  The Janza aspect is who he is on the outside in personality.  The near feral one is obvious a bit more aggressive, impatient, and has a hard time being held down or feeling trapped.  And, the part that shifts between a different version of him, to most anything else, is more playful and humorous.

Inner World:  The innerworld is a large expanse of a rugged forest.  The trees are ancient.  The land is dotted by hills and mountains small and large, dark and light, soft and jagged.  And, water can be seen nearly every where... lakes, an ocean, and rivers.  It is a place untouched by a dirty or destructive world, with no preconceived pattern or controlling hand in its shape.  It is wild, untamed, and a breath of chaotic.  But, in the middle of this, there is a clearing on top of a very large hill.  There is a cozy campfire in the middle, with a broken ring of fallen trees surrounding it.

The Initial Dance

Shikai Name:  Raija  ????

Release Phrase:  Howl at the moon, Raija.

Shikai Appearance  At the very core of it are two ethereal blades somewhere between water and, well, some type of blade.  Around that are varying degrees of water... the shape kind of changes and isn't limited to blade shapes.

Shikai Ability Stage 1:  The first stage is the power phase.  With the exertion of reiatsu, Janza can effect the water around him forming and protecting, and whatever. The big attack of this stage has the name of Blue Moon. With the buildup of reiatsu, Janza releases it into a massive tidal wave.

Shikai Ability Stage 2:  The second stage is the control phase.  His reiatsu starts to manifest in a misty way. Affecting the way the light hits the water, he creates an illusion of himself, with a bit of a warped look to it.

Shikai Ability Stage 3:  The third stage is the combo phase.  This stage takes into account the sheer power of the 1st stage and concentration of the 2nd one. Basically, the true purpose of the second stage is to set up this one. After it has been set up properly, the opponent is enveloped in a dome of water. They are assaulted with wave after wave of water hitting like waves of steel.

The Great Release:

Bankai Name:  ????

Release Phrase:  ????

Bankai Appearance: The water in the area is infused with reiatsu exploding wildly in a large area before condensing around Janza into a giant blue wolf made of water.    The size is roughly 4 stories high and slightly longer than a basketball court... I think.  It can be fluid, it's water after all, or can be hardened in whatever point with enough reiatsu.

Bankai Type:  Elemental

Bankai Ability Stage 1  ((Gonna give the minimalist approach here until later))  Janza gathers a lot of water and reiatsu in front of the wolf's/his mouth into a sphere.  He then fires it, for all intents and purposes.  He controls the movement, and what goes in and out of it.  The max speed is his max speed.  The size... not sure... close to the size of the wolf?  It could only be used 3 times without permanently harming anything even remotely close.  The ball takes a LOT of water from his surroundings like plants, and bodies of water.

Banaki Ability Stage 2:  I haven't ever written this one other than in messages.  Basically, the entirety of his reiatsu is no longer held in check in any way.  The first stage doesn't fully let it all out, but this one does.  As a result, plants, trees seem to grow in the area.  They don't really do much... just a cosmetic effect.  

((Not sure how I explained it before, but it was like a bit of Janza is in each wolf... maybe it was they are all him and not him... or he moves his essence from wolf to wolf... or somewhere between.))

There is no longer one wolf, but multiple... maybe 5 or more... and they are slightly larger than the original.  The main difference is that the energy in each wolf is more tightly packed than with the single one of the first stage, causing an explosion from significant contact.  This one isn't particularly huge.  The BIGGGG one happens when all wolves explode.  Most all of the water is drawn in pretty close, followed by a massive explosion.  A point only slightly realized in the first stage is an idea of compression or something of the sort.  The second brings it to light in overall change to speed, movement, attacks, and how everything works overall.

So much is drawn into it that the surrounding land is left with the flora and fauna shown like a bleak and lifeless graveyard.  The plants and trees that had recently sprung to life from his own reiatsu are varying colors of grey and brown lumps of mush.  A devastated wasteland...

With all the destructive power comes a great drawback.  Janza cannot hold the water together anymore at this point, and is left with... whatever he would look like in bankai without water all around him.  Not sure what it looks like atm lol.
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Zanpaktou Raija the Moon Chaser
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