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 Rising Demon

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PostSubject: Rising Demon   Rising Demon EmptySat May 16, 2015 7:19 am

Thought that I would post something Nicho made before...

Rising Demon

Ability Description:
The ability of Rising Demon takes Kidou in a new direction. By summoning the Kidou energy of a spell the user draws it in to their body rather than turning it in to the specific spell and expelling the energy in a new form like normal. When the ability is active the Kidou markings that might normally appear in the air or in a chant spread out along the user’s arms, legs and body.

Specific effect of ability:
Rising Demon allows the user a temporary boost in a specific area such as speed, strength or defence. This tends to be in relation to the energy type of the spell used. Any energy not consumed can be used in a touch attack which transfers the left over energy from the user into the enemy as a destructive force.

Kidou energy has a specific element linked to it, fire, water, earth, air, lightning, light, dark
The effects are as follows:

Fire = Power increase:
By moving the Kidou energy into arms and legs the users damaging power when striking is increased.
By using the power increase of fire demonic energy the user’s muscles are burned that much faster than normal. Also due to it increasing power the user’s movement speed is decreased slightly.

Water = Absorption increase:
By flooding the body and mind with the demonic power of water the user's body becomes softer and more fluid. This can allow the user to absorb some the physical damage of attacks whilst active.
From the user of Demonic water energy the body's bones might become weaker from overuse meaning that the user’s bones become more brittle. Also due to change in body structure the user’s physical power is decreased slightly.

Earth = Defence increase:
This demonic element increases the thickness of the user’s skin, as the spell level increases as does the density starting as a denser skin to at much higher levels to an almost metal like armour.
Earth element energy damages the user’s skin from the change, this can cause it to weaken or break apart from intense blistering and dryness. Also due to change in the body structure the user’s reflex time is slowed slightly.

Air = Perception increase:
Air demonic energy heightens the user’s awareness of movement around them and allows for a heightened reaction time. This is not straight forward speed since you don't move any faster but it can allow you to have that few seconds to intercept a strike from behind or deal with fighting two relentless opponents at the same time.
The after effect of this ability leaves the user feeling slightly numb and slowed. It is more a psychological effect from having their heightened senses for too long. The stronger the spell, the slower the user’s reaction time after. There is no weakness during the use of the ability.

Lightning = Speed increase:
Speed increase refers to the speed of the user’s limb movement. By increasing, the user can punch or slash at lightning speeds as well as move distances even faster than they might normally especially if coupled with shunpo.
After the use of the ability the user’s nerves will be burned out depending on the strength of the spell, this can range from spasms in the used limbs to full paralysis of the limb or limbs for a short or long time. During the use of this ability the users speed is drastically increased but their perception is not, it will take the user a short time before they adjust to the new speed; it is also harder to counter when you are travelling so fast or attacking with a limb at that speed.

Light = Reiatsu absorption increase:
This rarer demonic element allows the user to absorb the reiatsu in the surrounding air at a faster rate. This does not completely replenish the users Reiatsu but might recharge them enough to use several more abilities before draining than they might normally.
After the use of the ability the user’s ability to manipulate Reiatsu is decreased depending on the strength of the spell. There is no weakness during use.

Dark = Everything increased:
This is the rarest and most powerful of the demonic element, by combining every element the colour becomes dark creating an energy of almost burning power. This darkness gives every power of the general elements apart from light.
After the use of Darkness the user will feel the abuse of every element on his body. Though this is the strongest of the Kidou elements it is also the most dangerous to be used.

Specific Drawback/Weakness:
The ability can greatly increase close combat characters efficiency, however the effect of taking destructive and wild powers into one’s own body will cause continued damage for as long as the spell is activated. This damage grows the longer the energy is held in the body and also the higher the spell level. For instance absorbing the small lightning power of Destructive art 4 White Lightning might give the user small nerve irritation. A level 60 spell such as Thunder Roar cannon on the other hand would leave the user with massive nervous damage which might cause paralysis in certain limbs. The use of a level 70-80 spell would likely bring the user perilously close to death and could be considered a last resort. Level 90 is a death sentence and might only be used if the user feels he may already be dying.
How the technique is learned:

At the basis of the ability the user can only absorb energy from spells they know due to having to cast part of the ability beforehand.

To learn the ability itself the user much first:

Break down the use of Kidou; they must learn at what stages certain things happen with the Demonic energy they are drawing into their world. The reason for this is that they must know when they should absorb the energy rather than fully convert it into the spell. The user must learn the spells as per the Kidou rules.

The second stage:

Learning to absorb the energy itself. This is much harder than most might think, shinigami tend to expel energy out of their body only taking in Reiatsu when resting from food and surrounding particles. In order to absorb the demonic energy they must focus the power onto themselves rather than on the enemy then releasing it. The body will most likely reject the power and cause pain to the learner, however as the body grows accustomed to letting the energy in higher level spells can be absorbed. It should take the user at least 1 month to learn to absorb the most basic of spell energy, as the spell level increases by 10 it should take another week stacking up on top.

1-10 = 3 weeks
10-20 = 1 week
20-30 = 2 weeks
30-40 = 3 weeks
40-50 = 4 weeks
50-60 = 5 weeks
60-70 = 6 weeks
This long training period is due to the immense strain put on the body when absorbing energy.

The Third Stage:
Once the user can at least absorb spell levels 1-10 they must then learn to hold the energy in their body and channel it to the specific area that the energy is used for.

Lightning = legs 1 week
Fire = arms 1 week
Earth = whole body 1 week
Water = whole body 1 week
Air = arms and legs 1 week

This training should take another week to learn for each element.

The Third stage: Hakuda users only:
Once all three stages are complete a hakuda user might look to further the effect of this power for offensive close combat. Whilst the spell has been absorbed and can no longer be turned back into the original destructive power the hakuda user can force the raw Kidou element through their arms and hand and smash it in to the enemy. The destructive element would then explode with the punch/kick transferring damaging the opponent. Due to the close nature of the ability the elemental explosion will cause some back wash of power, the user must learn to take some of this damage whilst fighting. This should take the learner 2 weeks of training to learn to expel the energy again and to toughen up against the damage.

Originally, this was something learned from a scroll that Nicho the character gave to Janza and Lodium. "The only way to learn this is through Lodium and the 12th at the moment because he has the training scroll. But Lodium is the only one who even knows it exists so unless he tells you or shows you, tough beans." He didn't give it to me at the get go, but pretty soon after. So, this is something that will be super rare, and I guess would go through me eventually. /shrug
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Rising Demon
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