Welcome to the Soul Society! An RP based in a Bleach Alternative Universe, this time around is a little different. For the time being, you, the writer, will be playing as a Shinigami Academy Cadet! With the site still new in its opening, we welcome you!

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Welcome one and all. The site is now open for Role Play. Don't be shy about joining and having some fun. The more the merrier. We promise a more relaxed and at the same time fun environment!
Hello to all the Guests currently browsing. I challenge you all to pop by and say Hello. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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 And So Begins Our Story...

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PostSubject: And So Begins Our Story...   And So Begins Our Story... EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 5:33 pm

This is the backstory to our RP which is set in an independent universe away from the manga's canon. From here on out, you will affect the story's progress with each decision your character will make. Choose wisely.


In ancient times, Shinigami were known as balancers. They usually were collected into a group known as The Divisions, although some were not part of the group and were rather plus souls who acquired spiritual powers by fate or blessing from the Soul King.

During this time, some of these Balancers developed weapons with their latent powers and, with great innovation and effort, developed weapons known as Zanpaktou to give those with less talent in the spiritual arts of talent a chance to hold their own and protect their families in Soul Society and the human world. This also solved the growing imbalance in the universe caused by primordial beings and ancient races that were growing power and leeching off of souls including the infamous Hollows.

The balancers decided to take the primary role of maintaining balance in the universe and protecting the Soul King. With senior balancers being promoted to the Royal Guard and the first generation of shinigami captains being ushered into the new Gotei 13, Soul Society is at its most vulnerable. Crime flourishes in both shinigami ranks and throughout Rukongai. The new divisions lack cohesion and are prome to fighting amongst each other as some officers are new and inexperienced and others are tribal leaders that are not accustomed to anyone being above their own laws. Others are simply corrupt.

Cultists in Soul Society, clans of full bringers on earth, Sinners from Hell, lost souls known as demons wander the Earth, Dark Ones in the various precipice worlds, and tribes in the wilderness of Soul Society all threaten the dominance of the Soul King and his world's order. All of these threats are naturally occurring instances in the wheels of fate that drive the progress of the spiritual world. All except one...

A cataclysmic event throws back shinigami and other beings back or forward in time to alter Soul Society's destiny. Whether it is for good or evil is yet to be known but one thing is certain. The shinigami's very role in the universe is being threatened and redefined.
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And So Begins Our Story...
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