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The Sealed

Sealed Appearance: This is the appearance of your Zanpakuto in its sealed state. Some retain their appearance from their Asauchi days.

From the hilt up it appeared a brass hoop for a pommel clasped over a white pine handled grip. It was smooth, lacking any kind of binding but the distance between pummel and guard was just one hand making it fit snuggly with little room for moving up and down. The guard was a plain thick oval of brass more befitting a Kopis.

The blade was short starting wide and straight at the base but then stopping as if that blade had been broken. Melded into this wide single edge blade was a thinner slightly curved blade like a normal katana. This was broken again quickly and another Katana like blade fused to it only this one with more curve. The final piece was a piece of sword slightly wider than the last two and at a forty degree angle which had been what was stuck in the doll. This piece ended at a point having been the tip of a previous sword.

In total the weapon was the length from the tip of his finger to the end of his elbow due to the shape and curb. "What... a strange weapon." The blade was dull and normal, simply looking like a bunch of broken swords fused in a mess together. On the pommel was four ribbons, two white, one yellow and one blue. Using the ribbons he tied the sword to his belt and walked from the room. Seemed no one was there to congratulate him.

Sealed Type:They are usually a katana but others are not unheard of. Is it a Dai-katana, a Wakizashi. Is it a dual wield? Wakazashi in type
Sealed length: short sword finger tip to elbow length


The Spirit Persona

Zanpakuto Spirit: What does your spirit look like.

A large lion four times the size of a normal one with snow white fur. It has a pair of red scaled wings like a dragon. It's tail is long and instead of long tuff of hair on the end it is made of hundreds of tassels. It's head has three eyes one blue one yellow and a vertical one in its forehead shining white.
Spirit Personality: What is your spirits personality made up of four broken spirits that talk seperatly but as one.
Inner World: What does your inner world look like. blinding pure white.


The Initial Dance

Shikai Name: Shindo

Release Phrase: Break the resonance

Shikai Appearance: What does your Shikai Look like The hilt, pummel and tassels remain the same. The broken blades merg together creating a thinner longer straight blade. Every two inches there is a horizontal cross blade making squared teeth that jut out two inches from the blade. With the thin middle bar this gives the weapon a weak cumbersome look for a one handed weapon.

Shikai Type: Elemental/Dual/kidou/phyiscal etc Vibrations (physical)

Shikai Ability Stage 1: Each time the sword hits something that causes it to vibrate it seems to retain the vibration in the metal teeth. As more and more vibrations build up it rings louder until the user can't handle the vibrations. When he reaches that point he can thrust the weapon forward, the ribbons on the pummel will fling curving to the tip as it is thrust seeming to release and form the vibrations as a rushing vibrating spear of air at the enemy. Usable in close or moderate range but the longer it travels the weaker it gets. Also the strength of the attack depends how much the user can withstand the vibrations in the sword.

Shikai Ability Stage 2: Mastery of the level of vibration allows the user to keep building up energy, once past the thresh hold of stage one the vibrations get so strong the sword looks like it is just a pure wide blured blade. when it hits things at stage two the air particles create discharges of electricity jumping from the sword to things around it causing jolts of shocks. This is a close quarters ability.

Shikai Ability Stage 3: Combines stage one and two. The sword can be swung or thrust releasing a spear or disk of highly aggitated air with electricity, vibrations and ripping wind. The size and degree of power is based on how long the shinigami can withstand holding the vibrations.

in all three stages once the sword has enough vibrations it looks like one very wide one handed sword. The more vibrations the wider and longer the sword can appear upto about twice a katana length.


The Great Release

Bankai Name:

Release Phrase:

Bankai Appearance: What does your Shikai Look like

Bankai Type: Elemental/Dual/kidou/phyiscal etc

Bankai Ability Stage 1:

Bankai Ability Stage 2:
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